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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Birthday Update

When I woke up this morning, Libby had two birthday notes for me. One said "I love you there is nothing I would do exep love and care for you. Madi, Carlie and Frank love and care for you to. I am luckey to have you. We thank you. We don't care if you get older. The importet thang is that your in are hart."

Madi showed up right behind her and she had an ancient romance novel in her hand. She said she got it at a garage sale and she's been saving it all this time for me. Then she disappeared and came back with another one. LOL. I have no idea where they came from. I asked Granny about it and she didn't know where they came from either. They had garage sale stickers on them, but were not anything Mom or I would have bought.

Carlie made me a book, and it opens from the left instead of the right....just like her. Piano lessons were cancelled tonight, so Bob and the kids took me to China Star and the kids went to Walmart and picked me out jammies. And as predicted, I got my sales sack of shirts from my hubby. They were nice shirts though.

It's My Birthday

Pretty much every year for the last 8 or 9, I've spent my birthday angry. This one isn't looking to shape up any differently. It's not that my birthday won't be remembered, because it will be. It's not that I won't get a gift, because I will.

I think it's because TODAY we are 4.5 weeks into a 9 week season and my patience is wearing thin. It's the fact that my birthday falls on the same day of the month EVERY YEAR, but my husband can't manage to think that far ahead when all he has in his head is football and so ends up going to Walmart at midnight to buy me something....anyting.....whatever I TELL him to get me. Brings it home and shoves a Walmart bag into my hands.

I once heard a veteran football coach give a thank you speech for an award. He said "....and I want to thank my wife. Because she raised our kids, while I raised everyone elses." Amen, brother.

I have a Love-Hate relationship with football. Before I married my husband he told me his priorities were God, Family, Football. I think that's true for about 2/3s of the year. The other 1/3rd, I'm not so sure.

I am angry at him today because he totally refused to engage with the kids last night. So I wrote this poem in honor of all Coach's Wives.

I Am Last

I am the Coach's Wife
I come after football practice
I come after reading about football on internet forums
I come after phone calls from other Coaches
I come after creating plays in Playmaker

I come after High School football games
....and JV football games
.... and Freshman football games
....and sometimes Junior High football games

I come after Sunday football
....and Monday Night football
..... and Saturday College Football
..... and local Community College football.

I come after OU and the Cowboys
I come after watching film
I come after the Xs and the Os.
I am the Coach's Wife
I come last

- Julie Pool Sept 30, 2009

Monday, September 28, 2009

It's Football Time!!!

If you are a Football Coach's Wife....you find THIS on pretty much every free scrap of paper in the house during the season.

I've been too busy to post much lately between Bob's High School Football games and Frank's 6th Grade games. We feed the Offensive Line on Tuesday nights. I've been taking pictures and making slide shows of the games. Here are a few of my favorite pics.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

It Once Was Lost, But Now It's Found!!!

Carlie just walks to the beat of her own drummer. I let her pack a small bag of toys to take to the football game. I look over at her during the game and she has one of those socks that has places for your toes on her ARM. LOL.

Sunday she had a little boy and girl playin with her in her room. Well Monday during the day I noticed that I didn't have my wedding ring on. When I got up Tuesday morning I specifically looked for it, and it was GONE. I always put it in the same place each night.

I asked the kids about it and Carlie says "Oh, yeah. I had it. Jared and I wanted to get married and Jenna was gonna marry us, so we needed a ring. So I just went and got yours." Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

We looked for it that morning, but didn't have much time before school. Tuesday after work we fed 15 football players, and I didn't have a chance to look for it. Wedneday, Granny came down and cleaned the girls' room inside out looking for....and didn't find it.

Wednesday after work I went and talked to the little boy. He said they were playing with it, but it didn't leave Carlie's room. So then I go talk to the little girl. She too said they were playing with it, but didn't know where it was. About 10 minutes later, her Mom knocked on the door. They'd found it in her room. Whew!!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

I don't eat meat.....

Madi has always loved animals and has said for a long time that she wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up. One day I told her "You know Madi, you have to put animals to sleep when you are a vet." She said "Oh, I'm good at that I sing Granny's dog to sleep all the time!!!" I didn't have the heart to tell her what "putting them to sleep" meant. Yesterday she came home from school and said "I don't want to be a vet any more>" I asked her why and she said that someone at school told her that vets had to "kill" animals and she wasn't going to do that. So I tried to explain to her that this was done when an animal was old and sick and was suffering. She thought about it a minute and said "Well, I don't want to be a vet anyway. Because I like to eat meat".

I had to think about that one a second. And then I said "Madi its a VEGETARIAN that doesn't eat meat...not a veterinarian!!!"

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bored in School

We are hving problems with Carlie in 1st grade this year. They have to "pull a stick" when they get in trouble. If they pull two sticks they lose 5 miutes of recess time. We'll she gets bored and then gets in trouble. I'd say three out of five days a week she loses recess time. Her teacher sends a note home every week. This weeks's note said "Carlie made the decision to give herself a small haircut with her scissors. She lost her scissors for the remainder of the day. Hopefully she will not make this choice again. She has assured me she will not."

Sigh. Why can't they just figure out they need to keep her busy and challenged!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sisters are Always Sisters

Here are some stories about me and my sister when we were little

My little sister is nearly four years younger than I. When we were little we played and fought like any sisters. I was the tom-boy, and my sister was prissy.

Jelly Shoes

When we were in grade school, the *Jelly* shoes were in style. They were made out of plastic, and made your feet sweat really badly. And they had cuts outs and designs on the plastic that imprinted on the top of your feet.

Well, it was a typical summer day, and I was fighting with JoLynn. She kept pestering me, and I told her to leave me alone several times. Well finally I lost my temper and got her on the floor and straddled her. The closest thing at hand was a Jelly shoe lying in the floor. So I grabbed it and slapped her with it, leaving a impression of a Jelly shoe on her cheek. Boy I got in trouble for that one.

Frying pans

We didn't have a dishwasher when we first moved into the house at 2221 N Bonita in Shawnee, OK. So we would do dishes in the sink after dinner. My Mom had a heavy cast iron skillet she liked to use to cook fried potatos. One night I was washing dishes, I was just tall enough to reach the sink easily. JoLynn was sitting on the cabinet drying dishes. The last item in the sink was the cast iron skillet. It was very heavy, and I was swinging it from the sink over to the stove to dry it. At that moment, JoLynn hopped off the cabinet, and the swinging cast iron skillet caught her right on the eyebrow, laying it open. Then JoLynn told everyone I was so mean I'd hit her with a cast iron skillet!!!

The Bathroom

When we lived in the house on Bonita, not only did JoLynn and I share a room, we also shared a full size bed. The house had one bathroom, and you had to go all the way across the house and through Mom and Dad's bedroom to get to it. This was a scary trip for little girls, so if one of us had to go we woke up the other to go with us. Poor Dad hardly ever got any bathroom time with one bathroom and three women in the house.

Spiders in the bed

Sharing a bed and bedroom was interesting, one time I had had a bad dream, and I thought there was a spider in the bed. JoLynn was sleep peacefully. So I went to Mom and Dad's bedroom and told Mom there was a spider in my bed. She came back to my room with me, and we were pulling bad the covers making sure there was no spider. JoLynn slept on undisturbed. Then suddenly she sat up in bed, slapped her hand down on the sheet. She said *I got it*, laid back down and went right back to sleep.

Sleep walking and talking

I was notorious for sleep walking and talking. My family told me that I would wake them up at night and have intelligent conversations with them which I never remembered. My Mom would find me walking around the house talking in my sleep. And one time she found me trying to get out the front door. Sometimes when I talked in my sleep it was nonsense words, with only a word or two that was recognizable. One time I woke JoLynn up in the middle of the night insisting that it was morning and time to go to school. I kept pushing her out of the bed, insisting that she get up. And it was 3AM in the morning! I didn't remember a thing.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Power of Prayer

When I was little, I had a dog named Buddy. I also happened to be a big "Little House on the Praire" fan. In one of the early episodes her dog, Jack, gets lost. She prays to God, and her dog comes home.

Well, my dog Buddy, had gotten the mange. It was the kind that can't be cured. My Mom couldn't decided what to do. She couldn't stand the thought of having him put to sleep. So she took him way out in the country and let him loose. She thought it was more humane than killing him.

I was in Kindergarten at the time, and they told me he ran away. It was years later before I found out what had really happened to him.

Anyway, I set in praying for that dog every single night. I clearly remember ending every prayer with "Bless all the animals, and please bring my dog Buddy back home."

I came home from Kindergarten several months later, and guess what was standing on our front porch? A bald dog!!!! I firmly believed that I had prayed that dog home, and it was my first taste of the power of prayer.

We kept him after that and treated his mange. It was never completely cured, but we had him for several more years before he died.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Getting in Good With Father-in-law

Today would be my Granpa Cass's Birthday. In his honor.

This story is practically a legend in my family ....

As a young man my father, David Morgan, married into a hunting and fishing family. Eager to impress his new father-in-law, Cass, he took up the sport of quail hunting and began hunting with his father-in-law nearly every weekend. They had only been out hunting a few times when disaster struck.

The dogs locked up on a covey of birds. The two men kicked up the birds, and brought down a couple off of the covey rise. Then they used the dogs to hunt down some single birds that had scattered throughout the field. My grandfather's best bird dog, Sally, locked up on a bird. Eagerly, the men rushed over.

My Grandfather was feeling generous and offered to flush the bird, giving my Dad the first shot. My Grandfather had barely taken a step in that direction when the bird took off in flight. At the exact same moment my Dad raised his gun and fired, the bird dog jumped into the air after the bird. My parents had only been married a few months, and my father had shot his father-in-law's best bird dog! Miraculously, the dog survived and only suffered some hearing loss, but my father's ego was much tougher to repair.

They have been hunting buddies for many years now, but my Grandfather still brings it up once in a while, just to keep my father humble. Now I am married, and my new husband hasn't hunted much. When he goes out with my Father and Grandfather, I always ask him, "Just don't aim anywhere near the dogs."

Published in Tales of the Ultimate Sportsmen
Author, Julie Pool

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jumping Beans

Last weekend there was a steady stream of little girls going through our house. I started counting them up: Libby, Madi, Carlie, Lila, Jade, Summer, Jena, Ella, Tully, Jordan, Krystal, Abbey. They were all laughing and giggling. I told Bob...ten years from now the same girls are gonna by traipsing through the house.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Garage Sale Fun

Saturday was Madison's City-Wide garage sale. Bob and Frank had football practice, and Papaw had to go to Texas to work. So it was just the girls. Each little girl had $10 to buy what they wanted. We came home with a whole CAR LOAD of stuff including an extra passenger.

Madi collects Monkeys and had already bought several. We went to the VERY LAST garage sale, and they had a giant white ape for $5. She marched right up and asked him if he'd take $3 for it. I told the guy that I MIGHT think about taking it off his hands if HE paid ME. But somehow we ended up going home with him.

We had a blast.

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