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Thursday, November 22, 2012


I took a challenge with some of my Face Book friends to post one thing a day that I'm Thankful for from Nov 1 thru Thanksgiving.

Day 2: I'm thankful for the wonderful kids in my life. That includes the ones I've raised, foster kids, step daughter and surrogate kids. Each of my four kids is special and wonderful in their own unique way!

Day 3 - I am thankful for having healthy young parents who are so giving of their time with our family. Luv u!!!! — with David Morgan and Brenda Morgan.

Day 4 - I'm thankful that I get to enjoy a small photography business in my spare time that is relaxing and fun.

Day 5 - Thankful that my little girls ALWAYS come and find me and blow hugs and kisses to me before they get on the school bus in the mornings.

Day 6 - I am thankful that my husband and I both have jobs that pay the bills.

Day 7 - I'm thankful to witness one of life's small miracles. My great-aunt whom we are close to has been critical ill the last couple of days. She and my Uncle had just celebrated 59 years of marriage. After 24 hours of not recognizing anyone around her, she came to herself this morning when she heard my uncle's voice. She said "Where have you been? I've been looking for you." And grabbed him around the neck. He replied "I love you, Babe!" Oh the power of God and Love.

Day 8 - I picked Madi up from school early yesterday because she was running a fever. We decided that Bob would stay home with her today. Last night she woke me up about five different times hurting and aching. I thought "Couldn't you get your Dad up? He gets to sleep in with you tomorrow?" And then it dawned on me that right now I am the most important person in their world. I'm not sure how much longer that will last, but right now I am greatful to be that important to somebody.

Day 9 - I am thankful for my health. In my hectic life it is so easy to take for granted the blessing of being able to live in my own home and not the hospital. The blessing of being able to care for my family and to go to all of their activities. I'm grateful that I can participate in my hobbies and work in the yard. I'm going to enjoy my good health today!

Day 10 - Today I am thankful for the freedom to go to church and worship. And for my church family — at H2O Church.

Day 11 - I'm thankful for my in-laws. They have always treated me like a daughter. My Father-in-law was career Army and served in Vietnam. And my husband, mother-in-law and the rest of the family lived all over the US and even Germany with him while he served our Country.

Day 12 - Today I am thankful for a warm house to sleep in with a fireplace and heater.

Day 13 - I am thankful today for our beautiful new home that we will soon be decorating for Christmas. Last year all we could manage in our temporary housing was a tiny tree.

Day 14 (early). I an thankful i was given the opportunity to lose weight. I went to renew my driver's license this morning. It had actually expired on my birthday and I had forgotten about it. The old one still had my old picture and weight on it. So I got to change the weight from 272 to 165. Woo Hoo.

Day 15 - I am thankful for my sister because my Mom told me to put this on here. Just kidding!! She is my only sibling, and even tho we live a long way apart, I know that she will be here for me. She is also a great Mom to my awesome nephew and niece. Luv ya Sis. — with Brenda Morgan and JoLynn Morgan Noe.

Day 16 - This may sound weird to some people, but today I am thankful for my "furry" family. They love unconditionally. My cats Bug and Runt snuggled with me when I went to bed early last night with a cold. My donkey makes me laugh. Our Border Collies are unique and guard our property. Our crippled and formerly abused wire haired terrier reminds me that those who are broken and unwanted can be the most loyal of all if dusted off and given a little TLC. They can be messengers from God when you need a little kiss or snuggle or encouragement.

Day 17 - I am thankful for my husband. This stage of our life is busy and full of kids, activities, careers. We don't always get to spend as much time together as we would like to or need to. But he is my Rock. He is loyal, faithful, kind and good father and a strong Christian. I never doubt for one minute his faithfulness. Our marriage has survived alot of life's unexpected blows and it has never rocked or waivered. He makes a difference to many young men and women each year as he teaches. PS. I had to wait until football season was over before I could be thankful for him ;0)

Day 18 - I am thankful that my family (including Frank) were able to spend the day together. And that he is in a safe place where he can get the help he needs.

Day 19 - I am thankful that I woke up on the Monday morning rested and ready to tackle work today. That is unusual for me on a Monday!!!

Day 20 - I am thankful for opportunities I have had to use God given gifts to make someone's life a tiny bit better. Sometimes we don't even know that the small thing we did will have a big impact for someone else down the road. Kindness and caring and reaching out to someone is never the wrong choice even if it might seem pointless at the time.  I got the chance to help the Harrisons.

Day 21 - I am thankful and blessed to be able to spend this holiday with all of my loved ones still here with me. So many face the holidays with a special someone missing who is no longer with us.

Day 22 - Thankful for Aunt Carolyn Pool for working so hard to pull together a feast yesterday for the Pool Family. It's been a long time since so many of us were all able to be there.

Day 23 - I am thankful that I am not out there Black Friday shopping!!!!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Domestic Goddess

I totally missed out on the Domestic gene.  But Madi has become quite a good cook.

I taught her to make cornbread and she declares herself to be the best cornbread maker in the state.  Granny taught her how to make wonderful pies.

She made this pie all by herself.   She signed up....unknown to me....to bring pies and cornbread to our church dinner tomorrow then we had to scramble to go get the ingredients.  :0)

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