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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Beetles for Sale

Libby came flying into the house this weekend shouting "Mom!!! Mom!!! Summer has some puppies for sale for FREE.!!!! They are part Beetle and part somethin' we don't know!!!"

She was very disappointed that I wasn't interested in adding a third dog to the family.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nothing More Fun Than A Big Box

This Jump Rope is their "Car"

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Wild Wood

The kids helped Granny and Papaw clean up their yard this weekend. Notice that Madi isn't in nearly as many pictures as the others!!!! They had a great time. They are lucky to have such good grandparents.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Church Gone Wild

I was raised in a Church of Christ family which is ultra conservative. No instruments in church, no solo music, certainly no clapping. For a while we'd joined the local Baptist Church here, and they were pretty conservative too...mostly older people...we sang the old time hymns....had to dress up.

Well we stopped going because we stay so busy. It's probably been a year since we've gone regularly. My friend just started up a new H2O church. They have a band and praise music. It's okay to sing and dance and clap, and you can wear whatever. March 14th was Carlie's birthday and it fell on a Sunday this year. She asked me if I would PLEASE take her to church on her birthday. Well who could resist that. She even had it figured out that church ended at Noon, and her party wasn't at 3pm, so that wasn't a problem.

Well Carlie LOVED it. She danced her booty off the whole service. She told her Granny that "When that music started up, you just couldn't help from getting up and dancing." Granny asked her if she knew the songs, but she said that they put the words up on the screen so you could sing along.

Granny asked if if Dad went with them, and she said "Yes". So Granny said "Well did your Dad dance too?" Carlie thinks about it a minute and then says "No, he's not really the dancing type. He's more the singing type. But he's not very good at that either!!!"

Now they pester me to take them to church on Sunday. How cool is that.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Halo or Horns

At school when the little girls get in trouble they have to "pull" a card or stick. Madi likes to please and hardly ever gets in trouble. Carlie on the other hand has to pull at least on stick most days. I always ask them when I pick them up if they had to pull and cards or sticks.

Today Carlie said "I didn't have to pull a SINLGE stick!!!" Madi replies "Well, I NEVER have to pull a card. Ha!!!"

Before I can interrupt and tell her that's rude Carlie says "Well I guess you're just the Godess of Goodness then!!!!" So I asked Carlie "Well what does that make YOU then. And she said "A DARE devil".

Out of the mouths of babes....

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Parker's Memoir

This is my nephew's first essay. I think he takes after his Aunt Julie!!!!

Super Pal
By: Parker Noe

Do you have a pet in your life that is as valuable as gold to you? Well I do. I bet you can’t guess who it is! We do lot’s of fun things together. We snuggle together, we play fetch, and we wrestle! When we are together I feel safe. Do you give up? Okay, I will tell you! It is my dog Russle!

One thing I like to do is with Russle is snuggle together. I remember when I got him he really liked me! We snuggle on the couch and chair. Every time we watch a movie he licks the door! When I am with him I feel safe.

I do lots of things with Russle but my number one is to play fetch. One time I threw the ball in the pool. Isn’t that funny! We have a lot of balls, over 50! He is fun.

One last thing I will tell you is that we like to wrestle. He always wins! He has a cool trick. He stands on me. That is so funny. He keeps doing it. I feel brave when I wrestle with Russle.

Now I bet you can guess why I said Russle is as valuable as gold. We do lots of things together. Even though he is older we still have fun. I am so lucky. Yes I am.

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