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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Do you see what EYE see....

Carlie has worn glasses for a while now. This year in 5th grade Madi has been insisting that she needed some. We just had her eyes checked in the summer so I thought she was just thinking it was cool to get a pair. Granny has always taken the girls to Claire’s Boutique where they have a 10 for 10 special. 10 items for 10 dollars. While they were there, they found some designer eye glasses that had no prescription, they were strictly for fashion. She got all the girls a pair. Madi just LOVED hers. They looked cute on her and she insisted that they helped her see better.

A few weeks later, I got an email from one of Madi’s teachers, Mrs. Hearn. Her email said that Madi had been complaining of headaches frequently at school, and that maybe if she wore her new glasses more consistently then her headaches would get better. So I emailed her back and told her that she was going to get a good chuckle, because the glasses that Madi had been wearing had no prescription and were just for looks.

So fast forward a few months, and Granny took both girls to the eye doctor for me. And they both needed new glasses. So they each picked out a pair and Madi started wearing hers to school. Another teacher stopped Madi in the hall and said “Oh, Madi, I LOVE your new glasses. Do they help you see better?” Mrs. Hearn leaned over and said “Oh, those glasses are just for fashion. They don’t have a prescription.” Madi tried to tell her that they were real and Mrs. Hearn said “Now, Madi, your Mom told me those were not real glasses!!!”

So I had to email her back and tell her that now they WERE real glasses.

So while Granny was at the eye doctor with the girls, she told the optometrist the story about Madi’s fake glasses and the teacher thinking they were real. He said “You know, I am an OPTOMITRIST and my fiancĂ© bought a pair of those glasses at Claire’s and she SWEARS that she sees better when she wears them. I’ve told her over and over that they are totally fake and she won’t believe me!!”

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