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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ballin' and Shot Callin'

All three girls still play basketball. They all have their own "style" and I love watching them play.  Libby is getting really, really good.  She'll be a freshman next year and may have a chance to play some on the varsity team.  Madi and Carlie both scored at least one basket this season and Libby averages about 9 points a game.

Here are some pictures from the season.



Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Family Bed

No, I do not practice attachment parenting....not by choice anyway.

Carlie is nearly 10 years old and still she insists on sneaking into our bed at night.   I woke up the other night and literally, Carlie was in the middle of the bed...I had a cat curled up on the pillow pressed up against my face and a dog on my legs.

I asked Carlie yesterday "Our you still going to crawl in bed with us when you are 16?  She thinks about it a minute and says "Well, I still have a long time to work that out."

Monday, February 25, 2013

The Case of the Missing....um yeah.

I can't believe I'm posting this but it really was very funny.  And it will be funnier in twenty years.

So I had this umm.."thing"...for women.  It was pink.  For the purpose of the story we are going to call it "the thing".     I've had it for years and it hasn't seen much action.  I know most women have them.  Heck I even know a couple of women who sell them at "Slumber Parties" and such.  But I've never been one to talk about sex with my friends.

I kept thinking that I needed to throw it away.  We've moved into different houses about 15 times in the last 10 years and I was always afraid that someone would stumble upon on "the thing" when they were helping us pack or unpack while moving.

With these last two moves into the trailer house and then into our new house...life was just so crazy and everything so rushed that I didn't think about it.  We had a bunch of unpacked boxes still in our garage and I would slowly go through them and unpack.   This summer I opened a box and there "the thing" was...right on top staring me in the eye.  I thought "OMG.  I have to get rid of it."  I'm not sure why I didn't throw it away then.  But I took it in my room and stuck it in the back of a drawer and then forgot about it.  I have no privacy in my house...the kids rummage through drawers.  My Mom is over alot and she wouldn't think twice about looking in the drawers in my bedroom either.  But I forgot about it.

We had a little incident this summer with Libby texting inappropriate things with a boy and I was shocked at what she knew.  And she has an issue of taking things that don't belong to her.

So finally one day a few weeks ago, I had the house to myself which was unusual and it was trash day.  So I decided I could get it and put it in the trash then take the trash out on the curb and no one would see it.  Only when I went to find "the thing"....it was GONE.

The first thing I did was text Bob.  I told him that I thought Libby might have found it and taken it.  He said "Maybe, but I think I moved it a while ago."  I text shouted "WHY WOULD YOU MOVE IT!!!!"  And he said "Well your Mom was here and she was looking for something in our bedroom.  I had seen it in there recently and I was afraid she'd find it.  So I hid it and took it out to the garage and put it in a box out there.  I think so anyway."

Okay....how do you NOT remember if you did that or not.  So when we get home we look around in the garage and cannot find it.  It HAS to be found.  So I sit Libby down.  I told her. "I have lost this ummm....well "thing" for women.  It's pink. And it belongs to me.  If you've taken it I just need to known...you aren't in trouble."

She goes "MOM.  I didn't take it...but I know where it's at."  I lift my eyebrows "Really???"  She said "Yeah.  You had us cleaning up the garage and I found it in the top of a box.  It was like...SO GROSS.  I didn't want the little girls to see it, so I threw it in a pile of stuff in the corner of the garage."

So when Bob gets home that night I tell him about my interrogation with Libby.  So we go out to the garage looking for it and we can't find it.  So I call Libby out there to show us where she threw "the thing".   So showed us the general area and we dug through things until we found it.  Then I promptly put it in the bottom of the garbage bin.  And as I turned around I busted out laughing.  They asked me why I was laughing and I said "I can't believe that I am digging through the garage looking for the missing "thing" with my husband and my 13 year old daughter!!!" LOL.

I asked Libby about it later and she said she knew what they were called....that "the things" were very much in discussion around the lunch room table....and that several of the 8th grade girls claimed to own one."  WOW.

So the way I figure it...I probably put it in the top of a box when we moved into the trailer thinking I'd quickly retrieve it and put it away somewhere.  Only I forgot and the box was never unpacked.  Then that box was moved from storage and put in our garage.  So I probably found it first when I opened that box and then I stashed it in the drawer.  My husband found it in the drawer and put it back into a different box in the garage (unknown to me).  Then Libby found it in the second box while she was cleaning out the garage.  And she threw it into the corner of the garage (without telling me she'd found it) so that the little girls wouldn't see it.  And it sat there for months until I realized that it was missing.  Crazy.

Sunday, February 24, 2013



To tell you the truth, I hate what didn’t kill me. It didn’t make me stronger. The people in my life have. Thank you for that. – Mitch Hunter (America’s 2nd full face transplant recipient)


Letting go doesn’t mean giving up, but rather accepting that there are things that cannot be. - Unknown


Julie know without a doubt you are the glue in your family. You must draw on your dry humor to bring levity and lightness to your family. To see through this and old up a mirror and laugh is your gift. Keep it up and know I think and pray for you. Always have, always will. - Mylene Atnip


Anyone can give up, it's the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart, that's true strength." - Christopher Reeves

Beautiful Cardinals on my Deck

Love having my back deck facing the woods.  Watching the wildlife is so soothing.


Saturday, February 23, 2013


When I was a kid we grew up in a house with my sister, my Mom and Dad and one bathroom.  My sister and I shared a room.   So there wasn't alot of room for modesty amongst us girls. 

So I was really surprised that as my daughters have started going through puberty that are WAY modest.  They'd rather me pull their fingernails out than let me see them naked.  (Now this isn't true for Carlie who still doesn't have a modest bone in her body.)

So I will ask them questions about how they are "developing".  Somewhat to aggravate them and somewhat because I really want to know.

So the other day I asked Madi if she was growing any hair "down there".  She blushed and said "NO.  I. AM. NOT."   Carlie was in the room with us and just busts out in a belly laugh.

She said "Yes, Yes she is!!! She had a towel wrapped around her the other day and the corner of it slipped off and she's growing a little mustache down there!!!"

I about choked on my Diet Coke!!! LOL.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Where's the Beef?!?!?!

So Madi LOVES Beef Jerky.  In fact she insisted that Papaw buy her a giant bag all of her own for Christmas.
The girls always have chatter to tell me when they get home from school and the other day Madi says in an excited voice "MOM, guess WHAT???"
"This girl brought some stuff to school today for all of us to try.  It was SO good.  It was Goose Beef Jerky!"
So I asked her "Well Madi, was it Goose Jerky or Beef Jerky?"   She said "It was GOOSE Beef Jerky!!!"
I told her "Madi, Beef comes from cows.  Was it Beef or Goose?"  I knew what she meant, I was just giving her a hard time.  She thinks about it a minute and then says "Well I guess it was the Beef part of the Goose!".   

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Caught these two chillin' out with their books.

Like Father, Like Daughter.

The Great Blizzard of '13

No school today....working from home. Cat in my lap, dog at my feet, blankee tucked in around me....cardinals on my deck....kids frolicking in the snow.
From Face Book Today
Carlie Mae Pool
All I see is white and footprints . Why,why,why me !!!

Brenda Morgan
LOL Oh Carlie!!!!!!!!!!





Does it look like she's  unhappy with the snow???

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I can’t ever have a get together with Margie without something crazy happening. I left after work on Friday and it was dark for most of my drive down there.

I was listening to my book on tape and cruising along. I’ve been that way before, but I don’t know the area particularly well. Margie calls me on my cell phone. She wants to know if I’m almost there. I go “Well, I think so. There’s a city up ahead.” She says “What do you mean? Are you in Oklahoma yet?” And I go “Ummmmm…..I don’t know! I just know there is a city up ahead and it’s probably Coffeyville.

It wasn’t five minutes later and the low tire warning lit up on my dashboard. The tire didn’t feel obviously flat. Sometimes the light comes on when it’s cold anyway. So I decide to drive on in to Coffeyville. I pull up at the first convenience store. It’s definitely low. I try to put air into it and I hear “Pssssssss…” coming out of the tire. Now I’m in a well-lit place on flat ground, I could change it myself. I call Margie to tell her what happened and then Bob.

I told Bob that I couldn’t decide whether to try to change it myself or call roadside assistance. He goes “Well I can’t help you from here.” Duh??? I know that. I’m just thinking out loud. I decide to call roadside assistance. It was so cool. They found my location using the GPS on my phone. They got my cell phone number from it too. Then they sent me a text stating who was coming to fix my tire, when he would be there and what he looked like!” They later sent me a text asking if the tire had been fixed and was I safely on my way. But anyway….I digress.

Margie is calling several times to make sure that I’m safe, offering to come stay with me until the roadside guy shows up. I talk to Bob and he says “Glad you called roadside assistance. I’m tired so I’m heading to bed. Night.” Wait a minute!!! My bestie is worried about my safety and you are just going to bed without even making sure that I get to her house okay???

 Paula meets us at Owasso the next day and we put my tire in the back of Margie’s car and drop it off to be repaired while we are eating lunch. The tire company calls back to say that the tire is ruined and they’ll have to replace it.
When I go to pick it up, I ask them to give us the new mounted tire and the old one as well because I have road hazard insurance. It was cold and starting to sleet, so Margie backs the car up to the loading bay. They throw the tires into the back of the car and off we go to Margie’s house. Her son, David, offers to put my new tire on Sunday morning before I head home.
I’m all packed up and he comes back in the house with a funny look on his face. He says “Guys, there’s an old ruined tire in the back of the car, but where is the new one?” They had only given us the ruined tire and forgot the new mounted one. Not only do I not have a good tire, they have my WHEEL too. LUCKILY the place happens to be open on Sunday or I would have been in a real mess. I show up and they look rather befuddled but place the new tire on my mini-van and away I go.


Monday, February 18, 2013

Your Cheatin' Heart

I don’t get to have a girls’ weekend with my girlfriends in Oklahoma very often. For some reason, Carlie was very anxious about me going down to Margie’s house for the weekend. I used to travel for work, and they stay with their grandparents all the time, so I wasn’t sure what was up.

Finally the day before I was ready to go, I was working at night on my laptop at the kitchen table. Carlie sits down next to me with a bowl of cereal. I was concentrating on my work, so I wasn’t really paying attention.

Eventually she says “Mom, about this weekend….” On autopilot I reply “What?” Then she said “Please don’t cheat on Dad while you’re gone, okay?”

Now THAT got my attention. I told her “First of all, I would NEVER cheat on your Dad. And why on earth would you worry about that anyway?” Carlie said “Well you said you were going to go down there and have a good time, and I was just worried you’d cheat on him.”

So I finally get to Margie’s. We talk until 1am. I wake up in the middle of the night in a strange bed and someone is in bed with me snoring so loudly it actually woke me up!  The is something warm pressed up against me.

I feel around and it is Margie’s Boston Terrier named Murphy. LOL.

When I get home, I told Carlie. “I hate to tell you this.   But at Margie’s house, I spent the night with Murphy and I had to kick him out of bed because he was snoring so loudly!!”

For just a second her eyes got wide, and then she narrowed them and said “Don’t mess with me Mom. I think Murphy is a dog.” Smart cookie

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Snow White and the Who?

The other day we were watching Snow White and the Huntsman. It’s a different spin on the Snow White story, but basically the same. Libby kept asking these weird questions “Why are there seven little guys there?” “Those are the seven dwarves?” “Why is she asking that mirror questions?”
Bob finally says  “Libby haven’t you heard ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the fairest one of all?” Libby says “She doesn’t look very fair to me, she’s being unfair to Snow White.”
Bob tries again "LIBBY! Haven't you ever seen the movie "Snow White and the Seven Drawves?"  She goes "OH!!"  
Then Carlie slaps on the back and says "Don't worry, Genious, I got your back.  I'll explain it all later!"

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Romance....in it's various forms

Does he get credit or not?
Been married almost 12 years. My Mom asked me what I got for Valentines Day and I told her a bag of chocolate last week. He wanted to get it taken care of early :-) 
My friend Margie's Valentine's Day present was being enrolled in open carry class.  MEN!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sometimes Ignorance is Bliss

I've been trying to ignore the fact that I am in my 40s now....age is a state of mind and all that.

Even so it has caught up with me. I went to the eye doctor and had to go to bifocals. The cool thing about this is that they have really cool contacts now that blend everything in and you can't even tell the difference.

The bad news is....that I can SEE!!! I left the eye doctor's office and almost screamed when I saw how dirty my dash and steering wheel are.

Now I am afraid to go home and find out what I will SEE there. Very afraid!!!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Who's Sonya?

We have always teased Libby over the years about the goofy things she says.  She's a smart girl, studies hard and makes great grades...but boy can she say the silliest things!!!

One of the best things about Libby though?  She can always laugh at herself.  Which gives us the gift of laughing with her.

Libby said she was drawing a mansion in art class.  I asked her what it looked like. She said the coolest thing about her mansion was that it had a hot tub AND a sonya!

I gotta tell you...I love hot tubs.  But those sonyas are way too hot for me.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Time Out

It's been almost exactly a year since I last posted.  That was when things with Frank started to really go down hill.  I just didn't have the heart to write any more.  But this is something that is good for me and I have committed to blogging again.  My kids get such joy out of reading the older books I have created from years past.  I want them to continue to have those memories.  I'm going to back date some posts going back to January, and then I'll go forward from there.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Duck Lips

For whatever reason, this morning I decided that I wanted to post my picture on Facebook in the mirror taking my picture with my phone...like the teens do.

Here is the first one that I posted.

Now I thought this was pretty good and got some comments and likes on Facebook.  But then my sister informed me that good self pics on Facebook needed to have "duck lips"  so I tried again.


This is not as easy as it looks!!!
HA - Finally!  I did one BETTER than the teens. Pic in the mirror in bathroom at WORK - WITH duck lips. Didn't get caught either!! —  Notice the potty in the background.  Hehehe

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Pool brand of Stubborn!!

I am tired of the Pool brand of stubborn tonight!!! First I chase Carlie all over the living room this evening with a wooden spoon trying to get her to clean the living room up. It should have taken 30 minutes.  But I had to stand over her for TWO hours to make her get it all done.
Then Pepaw Pool decided that he was going to leave the hospital tonight whether he was signed out or not. He snuck out on them and got in the hallway and wouldn't go back to his room. They brought him a wheelchair so he wouldn't fall down. He stayed out there FOUR hours. Bob had Libby with him and Bob was SO tired.  He's been trying to visit him Dad twice a day in the hospital and we are taking turns staying with Memaw as she needs 24/7 care.
He told Bob and Libby that if they loved him, they would take him home.   Bob told him "Dad you know you can't just walk out of this hosptial without checking out."  Pepaw said "No, I don't know that."
I finally went up there at the 3 hour mark and we finally got him back to his room.  I used the Momma-Guilt-Trip skill on him that all women automatically get when they become Mom's.  I told him that Memaw knew he was sitting out in the hall and she wouldn't go to bed until she knew that HE was safely in HIS hospital bed.  (She knew no such thing....but he didn't know that).  Finally about 9:30pm we got him back to his room.
When the doctor came to see him the next morning he told the doctor "You'd just best let me go home today or I'm going to sit outside in the hallway again today until you do."
 That's some kind of stubborn. I told him that Carlie gets that from him!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Musical Chairs

Friday, Feb 1st, the took Pepaw to the ER by ambulance.  He had sores on his legs (from diabetes) that were infected.  The infection became sepsis.  His blood sugar, blood pressure and fever were fluctating.  Saturday Libby had a tournament in Mulvane and both little girls had basketball games.   Memaw cannot be left alone, so when he's in the hospital we have to scramble to make sure someone is with Memaw 24/7.  So we got the weekend covered and got all of the girls to their games.

Then Monday night, they had to take Memaw to the ER.  She had been to the doctor that day and they had changed some of her medicine.  Her blood pressure had spiked very high which is particularlly dangerous for someone who has had a stroke.  So Bob had already picked Libby up from her basketball practice after school, so she and Bob were already up at the hosptial with Pepaw when Lena called to say they were taking Memaw to the ER. 

I was at basketball practice with Madi and Carlie.  So Bob took Libby to stay with Amira at Memaw and Pepaw's house while Lena took Memaw to the ER.  Memaw was still in the ER at 9pm.  They'd told us that they wouldn't admit her but they wanted to run a bag of IV antibiotics through her before they let her go home.  Libby needed to go to bed so she could go to school the next day.

So Bob picked up Libby AND Amira and brought them to our house.  By the time Memaw was done at 10:30pm, no one felt like trying to get Amira back home.  So she spent the night with us.  Then Bob took her back to Arlena early the next morning when he went to visit Pepaw before his school started.


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