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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Carlie The Pest

My sister sent me a note that we just HAD to watch the movie "Ramona and Beezus" because the little girl on there looked just like Carlie. We got to watch it over the weekend. Not only does she look like, she ACTS just like her too. So we've been calling her "Carlie the Pest".

Granny had to watch her for most of a week while she was out of school with a low-grade fever. One day Granny took her to a movie...just the two of them. Granny bought her a pop and popcorn and told her that she wanted her to go to the bathroom before the got to their seats. Carlie goes "Nah. I don't gotta go." Granny said "I bought you a pop, I want you to go before the movie starts so you don't have to get up in the middle of the movie." Carlie goes "Graaannnnyyy....I can hold my pee a long time. In fact, I can hold my pee like a camel!!!" (Not sure where that one came from...can camels hold their pee a long time???)

Then a couple of days later she comes up to Granny and says "Granny, do you have affordable health care?" Granny goes "Well, yes I do...but why do you ask?" Carlie says "Well I just saw this commerical on TV and it said if you live in one of these counties....and one of them was Butler...then you could get affordable health care if you needed it!!" Oh....glad she's looking out for us. WE live in Butler county, but Granny doesn't. LOL.

Monday, December 27, 2010

It all started with cake balls......

Carlie was really sick the week before Christmas. She ran a fever for several days. Granny came to the house one day to stay with her. She cooked chicken and noodles for us, and made rice krispie treats and also the new "cake balls". You make a cake, crumble it up and mix it with cream cheese. Then roll them into balls and dip them in amlond bark.

That Sunday Madi had asked if she could take a cake ball in the car with her to church. I said okay. On the way to church I looked in the back seat and Madi had a tupper ware container full of cake balls, rice krispies and candy!! How did we get from one cake ball to THAT.

So I forgot about it.

Then Christmas Eve night we are going to the Osborn family Christmas in Wetumka, OK. Right before town, there was a highway patrol check point. There were several patrol cars there and they were pulling people over to the side of the road. The kids' eyes were wide. As we rolled down the window and the Officer asked for Bob's license and insurance the kids start pelting us with questions from the peanut gallery. "Wow, why are all these police here?" "Why are they pulling people off the road?" "Were you speeding Dad?" "What's a DUI mean?" I glare at them, as I am digging the insurance out of the glove box, but the officer must have heard them.

He said "Kiddos what I'm really doing is pulling people over, and everyone that I pull over has to give me a cake or pastry for Christmas. That's how I'm getting my Christmas dinner?" "You got any cakes or pies back there?"

Crickets chirp in the peanut gallery. No we don't have any cakes or pies...what are we going to do? Then Madi pipes up "Well I don't have any cakes or pies, but I have some old cake balls you can have!!!!" And she whips out the tupperware container out from under her seat (that had been there at least a week).

The officer quickly backed away from the car and said "Oh no, that's alright...you folks go ON...go on and have a MERRRY Christmas!!"

So the next time you get pulled over by a highway patrol just offer him some old cake balls, and he'll run for the hills!!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bye Bye Barn!!

The swimming pool is down...half of the barn is done...making progress. We are moving in during Spring Break if we haven't sold the house in town by then.

Frank and Papaw worked really hard tearing down the old shed.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ten Commandments

My favorite niece who is four years old and was born on my 35th birthday is a pistol. She told her Mom the other day. "I really wish God hadn't created those commandments!!!"

According to my sister: she thinks "thou shall not be touchy with thy friends" is a commandment? Also not big on the greed thing after she took 6 turkey cookies at once and got in trouble....

She has FOUR older brothers. And she's crazy about pokemon. On her first day of pre-k she head butted a little boy and made him cry. When asked why she'd done that her response was "well he should have been able to take that!!!"

You go girl!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Feliz Navidad

Someone sent Bob a card today. The front had a cat with a collar that had Bob on it and bells on its tail. The inside said "Bells on Bob's tail Ring". It said Felize Navidad inside the card and had two dollars in it. LOL. Whoever did that gave me a good laugh!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

I can bring home the bacon...du dum da du

fry it up in a pan.....

Last night Frank and I went out to the trailer to take care of the animals. Frank went into the house to water the cat, and there was no water anywhere in the trailer. I hadn't paid the rural water bill last month so I was HOPING they had shut off the water since it's been about -87 degrees....well maybe 20 something.

So I went to work this morning and called rural water...and she said "No dear, we didn't turn it off...your pipes are frozen." I called my Dad and he said I'd have to call a plumber and that I'd probably have busted pipes when they unfroze.

I called at least 7 plumbers and all were booked until Wednesday or Thursday. So I went out there myself. I removed a wedge of the trailer house skirting until I found where the water came into the trailer. Sure enough it was not wrapped like it should have been. I drug an extension cord around there and a hair dryer….shimmed under the trailer with it.

While I was out there, I had let our half grown bird dog puppies out of their pen to stretch their legs. So I got the pipe unthawed and miraculously there didn’t appear to be any leaks, and the water in the trailer came back on. Hurrah for me!!! I drove to the nearest hardware store and got fiberglass wrap to wrap the pipe up. I get back to the trailer and shimmy back underneath it.

I’m all the way under there with only my boots sticking out. I’m stretching to wrap the fiber glass around the pipe and concentrating and something grabbed my booted foot that was sticking out from under the trailer and pulled. I shrieked and promptly hit my head on the beams under the trailer. It was one of the puppies pulling on my boot. I finished the job and proudly (there was my mistake) put the skirting back up around the trailer.

The puppies had also run off with one of my gloves and I found that. I made sure I had my keys before I locked up the trailer and checked for my Blackberry…it was missing. Sure enough, I had to crawl back under the trailer to retrieve it.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Late For Work

We have never let any of our kids go to bed with us. But since she has been out of a baby bed, Carlie has snuck into our bed during the middle of the night.

The first full Monday of my new job started out at a really rough time for my family. It was also second week of high school morning basketball practice. So Bob was getting up at 5am, getting Frank and Libby up at 5am as well. And our whole morning routine was different.

Because we have half our stuff at the farm and half our stuff at the house in town, we only have one alarm clock.

Be patient...I'm setting the scene....all three of these things come together.

Because as a part of our "new" morning routine...Bob set his alarm for 5am, got up and then reset the alarm for me for 6am (because we only have one alarm clock). This had been working pretty well....until Monday morning.

I am sleeping like the dead. I vaguely hear the alarm clock buzz two times and then it stops. I sit up in bed just in time to see Carlie hitting the snooze button!!!

I look at the clock at it is 6:37am!!!! She has been hitting the snooze every few minutes since 6am. And I have to leave the house at 7am to make it to work on time.

I start shrieking and throwing on clothes. I asked her WHY she'd hit the snooze button and she said "Well, I was still sleepy!!!!"

I made it to work on time, but only because I was speeding!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Naughty or Nice?

Granny was asking Carlie what she wanted for Christmas. She named several things.

Granny said "Well that's alot of stuff. Do you think you were good enough to get all that?"

Carlie informed Granny that she had never been given a lump of coal in her entire life so that must mean she was doing things alright!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

How Many Babies Will You Have????

When I was in school we always had several kinds of games that would predict how many kids you would have and if they would be boys or girls. One involved holding a pencil tied to a string over the victim's...er person's wrist.

Well I periodically ask my kids what they want to be when they grow up...what kind of person will you marry....how many kids will you have? I get answers that aren't typical since our family has been blessed with adoption, foster care and natural children...anyway I digress.

I asked Carlie the other morning how many kids she was going to have. She thinks about it and says "Wellll....I guess four." I told her "Just because I have four kids doesn't mean you have to have four." She said "Oh!! I just thought you got what you got."

So I told her that you can't get pregnant unless you have sex. And we believe that you shouldn't have sex until after you are married. And besides that, after you are married there are things called birth control that can help you have children when you are ready for them."

She says "Oh" and thinks about it a minute. Then she says "Well what about Lena then. I KNOW she told me when I was five, that she was NEVER gonna have kids....and now she's got one in her belly? How did that happen?"

Hmmm...er...choke....."Well, I think she changed her mind." Carlie goes "Well I'm almost pretty positive she said she didn't want any and now she's gonna get one."

Then I told Carlie "If Lena couldn't parent her baby (she'll be a single Mom without much help from the Dad) then she could place the baby for adoption. And we know all about that...right? So I'm pretty sure she changed her mind."

She goes "Well I guess so." But I still don't think she was satisfied.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Sex Museum

That's what I call it...it has some official name about Health. The 5th and 6th Graders take a trip there every year. The first year they learn how their bodies will be changing. The second year, they learn about more complex topics...like sex.

This ALWAYS provides me with great humor. The permission slip askes them to bring money for lunch at Wendy's and for the Gift Shop. I asked Libby "What would they have in the gift shop of the Sex Museum??? I'm afraid to find out." Libby said "Oh, Mommmmmm! They just have pencils and erasers and stuff." "Hmmmmm"

I don't go with them, but I always quiz them when they come home. So I was asking Libby all the details of what they learned, and she told me, and it was pretty explict. But then she says "Mom, you don't have to worry about me EVER letting a boy do that to me." I had to choke on a laugh and replied "That's great..but how come?" She says "Well first of all...if you let a boy do that to you...you could have TWINS. And not only that...you could have SIAMESE twins!!! And I'm NEVER letting a boy do that to me!!!"

Oh, Libby. I am SO going to make you read this post when you are 16 or so.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Twas The Night Before Thanksgiving....

and all through the house....no one was sleeping....and I do mean NO ONE. My parents have a "designer dog" who is 3 lbs and about 6 months old. I brought our two dogs with us cause there was no one at home to let them out. Well when we arrived with dogs and kids, their little dog Bubba was like a wind up toy.

I went to sleep upstairs. There was a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs and I asked Granny if I could take it down. She said she didn't care. So I went upstairs and went to sleep. A little while later Carlie sticks her head in the door and says "Mom are you in here?" and wakes me up. She climbs in bed with me. I go back to sleep and Frank sticks his head in my door and says "Mom are you in here? Which room are you in?" and wakes me up. Then a few minutes later, Bubba is in our room whining. I can't figure out what he wants, so I send Carlie downstairs with him. I get up sometime in the middle of the night....go by Frank's door and he is playing DS....take it away from him. Go down the stairs to the bathroom without turning on the light cause I know the place like the back of my hand. I get to the bottom of the stairs and flip over the baby gate that my Mom put back UP and crashed into the wall across from the bottom of the stairs. I hit my shoulder, elbow, wrist, turned my ankle and drug it on the carpet and got a carpet burn. And not one single person comes to check on me!!! So I go ...er limp... back to bed.

I sleep in the next morning and get up as say "Man that was a rough night. I fell down the stairs. Why did you put the baby gate back up?" Libby goes "Well I wish it HAD been down and all the dogs would have been upstairs with YOU." Apparently Bubba had whined and gone between my parent's bed and Libby and Madi on the fold out couch all night long. Finally at 3am, Granny got up and put him in the bathroom at the bottom of the stairs. Libby got up at 6am to go to the bathroom and didn't know he was in there and let him back out.

Meanwhile, Bob was sleeping in the back room with the door shut. He said Bo (our lab) was wanting outside every few minutes (there's a door in that room that leads outside and has a dog door)...I bet I let him outside 19 times. And then Boots (our Cocker Spaniel) went out the doggie door, but couldn't figure out how to get back in and started barking so I got up and let him in. About the time I finally got to sleep that little dog started squealing like a pig" (when Granny put him in the bathroom). Granny chimes in "Well that was the only time I got any sleep when he was in the bathroom!!!!"

I asked if anyone heard me fall down the stairs. Bob said he did, but he thought it was the resident ghost. Frank said he did but didn't think he needed to come check on me. Sheesh what a wild night. All things considered we had a great Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Sunday, November 28, 2010


I don't know if this falls under materialistic, smart, devious, I'm smarter than the tooth fairy she obviously needs instructions??????

The photo isn't very clear. I found her WALLET under her pillow with a pointed note pointing to a compartment in the wallet and it says "Dear Tooth Fairy put money here".


Friday, November 5, 2010

Leaving The Nest

The last of my babies is "on wheels". Frank taught Madi how to ride her bike....Granny taught Carlie. And no, that's not a trick of the camera....she's riding at some really funky angles!! LOL.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Libby comes up with all these crazy phrases.

She saw a possum tonight at the farm. She didn't know what it was. She came in with her eyes big and said she saw a gray rat that was four times bigger than a cat and didn't have any hair on its tail.

Earlier she told her little sister "You can't drink any of that milk in the fridge cause it's all soiled."


Sunday, October 31, 2010


Madi was a vampire with a knife threw her head. Carlie was an old woman skeleton with a bow and a cane, and Libby was a recovering car accident victim. They all picked out their own costumes. I had no input!!!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall on the Farm

Last night I made a fire in the firepit, covered up in a blanket and watched the sunset. Two kittens crawled up in my lap under the blanket and purred. And as it got dark the coyotes started howling.

This will be the view from my front porch once the house is built.

Hanging out laundry in the Fall Weather.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


We had school conferences tonight. The PE Teacher asked me if Carlie has had a cough at home. I told him that she'd had one for about two weeks now and that she has asthma. He said that her cough suddenly gets a whole lot worse when they are doing something in PE that she doesn't want to do.

On the way home, Carlie told me "I really think you need to start giving me cough medicine again. Because if you don't then I'm going to get Ammonia."

So I gave her a big dose of nasty red cough medicine before bed last night so that she wouldn't get Ammonia.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Updates on the Farm

We have the new shed up. I actually got on the tractor and ran the brush hog. I was quite empowering. You just run over small trees and it chops them up into little pieces. I must admit I was imagining certain people as I mowed down tree after tree. I seriously love our little mini-farm. I stay out there as much as possible. The next couple of big projects are to tear down the old shed and start moving furniture from our house in town out into the new shed. Furniture that we know won't fit into the trailer.

Tractors are the bomb!!!!

Buddy and Rex. They are half Bird Dog and half Basset Hound. Carlie calls them our Bert Dogs.

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