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Saturday, August 27, 2011

How I Became "The People Of Walmart"....

In Feb of this year I took Libby to a basketball tournament in a city about 45 minutes away. It was just the two of us, and between games I took her to a local department store to get a tank top. While I was in there I passed out. I had started to feel faint and my vision was going Dark. I said "Libby Help Me". She couldn't hold up my weight and down I went.

They took me by ambulance to the local hospital. Libby was so grown up and calm. It scared us all. I had been changing some meds and one of the potential side effects was seizures. So we thought that was probably what happened.

I had pretty much forgot about it.

Well a week ago Monday...seven months later...I had taken the three girls to buy school supplies at Walmart. It was crazy and busy in there, and I was trying to make sure the girls got everything they needed. And they were "helping" buy throwing whatever they thought was cool into the cart.

We were almost done, and I started to feel faint again. I dug in my person and took some medicine, thinking that if I got it down it would keep me from passing out. Well it didn't work. Madi was at the end of the aisle, and Libby and Carlie were around the corner.

I went into a full Grand Mal Seizure. I fell backwards and into one of the support poles. This particular pole at Walmart happened to have a fire extinguisher attached to it. I don't remember any of this, but Madi said my head clipped the bottom of the extinguisher and knocked it loose from the pole. It flipped upside down and followed me down to the ground and the metal handle of the extinguisher slammed into the back of my head making a huge gash.

The girls said I was laying there in the aisle at Walmart with blood pooling around my head. Head wounds always bleed horribly. One of the employees ran over to the clearance rack and grabbed a shirt off of it to put pressure on the gash. I'm sure there's a good joke in there pertaining to that...I just can't think of one right now!

Libby was again very calm and cool in a crisis. She was able to tell them what meds I am taking, and used someones cell phone to call Granny. Bob wasn't answering his phone. They called 911.

They worked on me a while in the ambulance in the parking lot. My blood sugar was 63 and my heart rate was 180. I came too briefly in the ambulance. My Mom called Bob's sister and she came and picked the girls up at Walmart. Someone called the Butler County Sheriff's office and had them go find Bob out on the football field.

The first time I really came back to my senses it was 8:30pm. My parents were at the ER and so was Bob. The seizure had happened right after 6:30pm.

They gash went to the skull. They had to put in six stitches and fourteen staples. CT Scan showed that I did not have any tumors or skull fractures.

I saw a neurologist a few days ago. He says that I have Epilpsy and put me on anti-seizure meds. He said we'll probably never know why I'm having seizures or suddenly started having them in "Middle age". And YES he did use the phrase middle age. Humph!!! And yes he did look like he was 14 or 15.

He said he believes the meds will take care of it and that once we get it to the right levels I won't have any more seizures.

Being carted out of WalMart on an Ambulance stretcher in front of half my friends and acquaintances was definitely NOT on my list of things I wanted to do before I turned Forty. Just trying to be grateful it wasn't something more serious.

It really scared Madi and Carlie. They thought I'd lost all of the blood in my body.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kissin' Cousins

I have always suspected this is true. Now Family Tree Maker (Genealogy Software) has proven it. Bob and I are 6th cousins once removed. Me on my Maternal Grandma's side and him on his paternal Grandma's side. Explains alot!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Wheels On The Bus....

Now that we are living out in the country, the kids are getting to ride the bus for the first time. I have been warning them repeatedly about how unhappy I will be if they miss their bus...especially since their school is in the opposite direction from where Bob and I work.

Carlie is a bit ADD, she can't keep up with her shoes. If she can't find hers she'll grab the first pair she comes across and puts them on.

It just so happens that I can see the girls waiting for the bus at the end of our driveway from my bathroom window as I'm getting ready for work. I see Madi come flying back towards the house in a tizzy. She comes in bawling that Carlie has HER shoes on. So I told her to tell Carlie to come back in the house and find her own shoes. I watch as Madi goes back out there. I see yelling, shouting, waving of arms. It's clear that Carlie isn't going to give her the shoes. So I open the window an inch and yell out there for Carlie to give Madi her shoes.

About a second after I shut the window, the shoes come off of Carlie's feet one at a time and she throws them at Madi as hard as she can throw them. Carlie charges back into the house....puts on someone elses shoes and makes it back outside about two seconds before the bus gets there!!!

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