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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Looka here Huck......

Carlie recently checked out the book Tom Sawyer from the library. Carlie told Granny that it was an 8th grade level book. So Granny asked her if she was having any trouble reading it.

 Carlie said “No, not really. Because Pepaw talks that way all the time.”

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Corn deprivation

This summer Granny took the girls to a buffet in Emporia.  She thought that they would really like it because it had a seperate dessert bar and a chocolate fountain.

Libby walks in the door, looks at all the stuff on the buffet and say "CORN!!! Look Granny, they have CORN!!!"

Ummm Libby we have plenty of cans of corn at home!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


For years we have had this issue with our kids and school lunches.  The cost of school lunches has continued to go up over the years.  Multiply that by four and it adds up to alot.

So we had the kids start packing a lunch.  But they insisted they wanted to eat hot lunches.  So we made a deal that they could eat one hot lunch a week.  The kids would careful scan the week's lunch menu and determine what day they wished to have their school lunch.

Wellll...then comes Michelle Obama and her health kids campaign.  My kids sat up on election night and were CRUSHED to find out that Obama was re-elected.  Not because of MR. Obama, but because of MRS. Obama.

Carlie said "MAN, it's going to be another FOUR years become we can have Oreo Delight back in our school lunches again!!!"

So today Carlie said "I am just not having a hot lunch this week"  I ask "Why not?  You are always excited to pick out your school lunch each week?"

She said "Seriously Mom.  Have you ever heard of a whole wheat CORN DOG?!?!"  And Madi chimes "Yeah and we just get FOUR tater tots"  And Libby says "And we just get for items on our tray!!!

They are ready for the next Presidental election.

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