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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bathing Beauties

It's pretty typical to find an assortment of naked Barbies gathered various places in the house.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Riverfest - Year 4

We all did the 2 mile this year, even Carlie. She started off saying she was just going to walk. So Bob said he'd walk with her. Frank and Libby ran on their own. And Madi and I ran together. Carlie asked Bob if she'd still get a medal if she only walked. And he told her yes, but she'd get a bigger one if she ran (which wasn't true). She said "In that case...." and took off like a shot darting through the crowds. Bob couldn't catch her. Madi and I are jogging along and suddenly Carlie whizzes past us!!! She ran the first mile in about 15 minutes. Then she was done, and she laid down on the street. Bob had to talk her into getting up and walking the rest of the way. It took them about 24 minutes to finish the second mile.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day Present

Here are my Mother's Day presents. The swing is from Bob and the kids. The outdoor heater on the table is from my parents. And the best present of all is all four of my kids together for the weekend.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

What's Your Name and How Many Kids Do You Have?

When I was at the school field trip, I'm talking to another Mom who lives in our neighborhood. I was telling her who my four kids were...and she goes "Ohhh...you're Frank and Libby's Mom!!!" She said that when we first moved into our neighborhood for years ago, Frank and Libby rang her doorbell. When she answered the door, they asked her if she had any kids at her house. When she said yes, Libby wrote down their address and then wanted the name and age of each child so she could write them down. The neighbor said she was SO serious about, and asked how to spell each name...then they went on to the next house. LOL. I had NEVER known that. I was so embarrassed when she told me. Libby would have been in 1st grade at the time and Frank in 2nd. The same age that Madi and Carlie are now

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tanganyka Field Trip With Carlie

Today I got to spend the day with Carlie and the 1st graders at a Wildlife park. We had a great time. I've been able to take this trip with each of my girls when they were in first grade. (Frank didn't go to 1st grade at this school.)

Above is a Lorikeet. It's about three times bigger than a parakeet. You get to walk into their enclosure where they flying around freely. The keeper told us that sometimes they land on your arms and hands and they also will bite. I've had a bird about that size before, so I knew a bite might hurt a little but wouldn't bring blood. So we are walking around and this bird is on the side of the cage. He puts his foot out like he wants to step onto my finger. So I stick my finger out, and he leaned over and BIT it instead. I held my fingers over his beak until he let go. And Carlie starts chuckling. She says, "Wow, Mom...that bird baited you, huh???" I about cracked up. I was telling Bob about it, and Libby says "What does baited mean?"

Monday, May 3, 2010

Ruined Test Scores

I've posted before that getting the little girls to clean up their room is almost impossible. The other day, I told them at 8pm that they weren't going to bed until their room was clean. I sat down and watched American Idol. I could hear them fighting and playing, but I didn't go check on them until American Idol was over at 9pm.

I went in there and of course nothing had been done. So I stood in the doorway and told them I wasn't leaving, and they weren't going to bed until the room was cleaning. Crocadile tears started flowing. Madi said "I JUST want to go to BED. You're keeping me up late and I'm not going to get a good nights sleep. I have state assessment tests in the morning and you're going to make the WHOLE SCHOOL have a bad grade!!!!"

Carlie kept asking what time it was...I told her it didn't matter...keep going. She finally whined "It must be 6:30am already....you've made us work ALL NIIGGGGGHHHHT!!!" (It was really 9:45pm) LOL.

It took them until 10pm to get it done, and they've been alot better about keeping it picked up since then.

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