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Friday, October 31, 2008

Pluck Those Orioles!!!

Last week Bob's team played their big rivals, the T-Birds. They made a giant sign that said "Pluck Those T-Birds." Carlie asked me what pluck meant. So I explained to her that it meant to pull all the feathers off of a bird. So the whole game she's asking me "Have we plucked 'em yet?"

Well last night towards the end of the game she asked me what the mascot was for the team were playing. I told her they were the Orioles and that was a pretty black and orange bird. And without missing a beat she says "Well I guess we'll pluck them too!!!" So she spent the rest of the game shouting "Pluck 'em!!! Pluck 'em!!!!"


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Why Mom Never Gets a Hot Meal

From my journal five years ago today. Frank is 5, Libby is 4, Madi is 18 months, and Carlie is 8 months old. It's the end of football season, and as always I exhausted by then.

Bob is home tonight...so I think oh good...I have some help tonight. I go after school and pick the kids up from daycare. Its only 4:30...since Bob is home I think that I can get some errands done. So I drop the kids off with him....I leave Carlie and Madi both screaming because they want me....and Frank and Libby bawling because they want to go. So I go by the post office and mail Parker's package, fill my van up which is on empty, go by the library and pick out two new books on tape for my van, go to the bank and deposit our paychecks...then go to Sonic to get something to eat.

I get back home and immediately Madi and Carlie both want me. I stick Madi in the high chair and get her food ready and put her drink in a sippy cup, and give Frank and Libby their food and drink. Calie is screaming. Bob had a shake to drink...so I tell him to go drink this before it melts, and I will give Carlie a bottle. So he eats while I give Carlie her bottle. She finishes and wants her paci...and starts screaming for it. Its no where to be found because Madi stole it and ran off with it. So Bob and I look all over the house. We have SEVEN of these paci's and not one can be found. Finally I find one in a corner. I was going to give Carlie to Bob so that I can eat, but now Madi is throwing a fit in the high chair. She doesn't do this unless she needs something. I give her a spoon and fork...nope. I put her out...nope...put her back in ...nope...give he raisins...nope. Finally figure out she has a poopy diaper. So Bob goes to change her. I am still holding Carlie. So I put Carlie in her walker...thinking I can finally eat. I go to get my hamburger...and before I can sit down...Frank pokes a hole in the bottom of his styrafoam Sprite cup. It was completely full and floods the kitchen floor...his pants and my feet with sticky Sprite. So I get a mop and a towel and get it cleaned up somewhat...but the floor is still sticky. Again...I start to sit down...when Libby decides to pull off her shoes which are full of sand. The sand sticks to the sticky floor!!! Ugh!!!

So finally I do get to sit down with my food. And here comes Madi. She has been in the trash and retrieved Bob's empty shake cup with the straw. She has taken the straw off and licked the cup and has it all over her face. She runs toward my plate and is waving the straw. I am trying to catch her...while I wrestle the cup away from her...she takes the straw and jabs it in the ketchup on my plate and gives the straw a good whing...which splatters ketchup everywhere. Ugh!!! So I catch her....wipe the ketchup off of both of us...and the shake off her face. Take everything away from her. And guess what. She's pooped AGAIN. It smells like diarhea poop, so I figure I need to go change it quickly. So I go change her......Bob still has Carlie all this time who is still fussing off and on....and FINALLy get to sit down and finish eating!

Calgon...take me awaaaaayyyyy. LOL. All of this and it wasn't even 6PM yet!!!

A-B Honor Roll

Both Frank and Libby made the A-B Honor Roll this 9 weeks. That's not an easy thing for either one of them. They have to work to get there. I got to go to the Honor Roll breakfast with them this morning. That was fun.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Thank You and I'm Sorry

For those of you who know more of the story of JB and our history with him, you'll truly understand the significence of this post. His birthday was on the 23rd, and he turned 19. He's been in our lives for 15 months now. He continues to be cancer free. His next check-up is in January.

From the beginning his relationship with our family has been a push-pull kind of thing. He wanted what our family had to offer, but after having been burned so many times in the last few years, it was hard for him to trust. So he'd often pull close to us, then panic and push us away.

We frequently heard from him that he didn't need any help, he didn't need anybody or anything. Three times he left our house in a fury because he didn't want to follow our rules, but he always came back.

He came over the other night to pick up the birthday present I had for him, and HE gave ME a hug and thanked me for trying to take care of him. It's the first time he's ever shown/initiated affection towards me. Occasionally in the past he'd tolerate me hugging him or ruffling his hair, but that was about it. His Thank You meant ALOT to me.

Then a few nights later, he made me mad. Typical teenage boy being selfish kind of thing. He sent me a text that he was sorry he'd hurt my feelings, and that he knew he messed up alot but he didn't do it on purpose.

Wow, has he really grown up alot this last year. I'm sure he's still going to have bumps in his road. But I sure am proud of how far he's come.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Trick or Treat at Madison

Wow, what another crazy-busy weekend. We went to the High School game on Friday Night. Then I had to have Frank in Hutchinson for his last regular game at 9:30 am. It's an hour's drive. We got home from that at 2pm, then left at 3pm to go have Halloween at Madison with my Mom and Dad.

While we were at Madison, JB stopped by the house with his new girlfriend. I missed getting to see her, but Bob said she was nice.

Today Madi had a skating party in the afternoon. Carlie was upset she couldn't go, so I took her and the other two out for ice cream while we waited for Madi. Whew!!!

We had a really good time Trick or Treating with Granny, Papaw and Memaw Obie.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Freedom on two wheels!

Madi learned to ride her bike without training wheels this weekend. I was so proud, because Frank was the one who patiently taught her how to ride it. They were so excited.

Now she wants to practice every day. I got out in the street and took pictures of them yesterday. Libby wanted me to take a picture of her doing "tricks" and then Carlie had to show me her "tricks" too.

She wants her training wheels off now too. I told her we'd do that this weekend.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Busy Weekend

We went to the home El Dorado football game on Friday night. JB's grandpa (Ken) met us at Pizza Hut before the game and bought us pizza, then went to the game with us.

Frank's last home game was on Saturday at 10:30am. I didn't know it but Frank and Libby's Birth Dad had called and talked to Bob earlier in the week and told him they were coming to the game. Bob forgot to tell me!!!

So I get to the game, and we walk by this guy and he reaches out and pulls Libby's hair and grabs her. This Momma Bear had her karate chop out and was ready to do battle until I realized who it was!!! Mr. Robey brought his Mom with him and his grandson who is four. Frank and Libby think it's really cool that they are an Aunt and Uncle.

Saturday night we headed to Madison. My Grandma Obie is there visiting, and we spent the day with them on Sunday.

We got lots of family time in.

Friday, October 17, 2008

JB's Make-A-Wish Dog

JB was diagnosed with AML Leukemia when he was a Freshman in High School. He spent a month on a ventilator in the hospital. They gave him a 40% chance of living five years.

After JB got out of the hospital, the Make-A-Wish program offered him a Wish. Of all the things he could have asked for, what he requested was a dog. They went to the local animal shelter and he picked out Bo, a Black Lab mix.

I think he’d had his dog about six months when he found out that his Mom was moving to Pennsylvania. JB stayed in El Dorado and was living with friends. His Mom took Bo with her when she moved.

As we got to know JB and he told us his story, he said one of the most painful things that had happened was losing his Make-A-Wish dog.

His grandpa called me shortly before JB’s 18th birthday and asked if there was anything special JB would like for his birthday. I told his grandpa that the best gift he could get him would be to get his dog back for him. By that time, his Mom had been living in another state for two years. We weren’t even sure she still had his dog.

But his grandpa made a call, and his Mom said she’d be willing to bring Bo back to him when she came to visit at Christmas time.

So now JB has his Make-A-Wish dog back.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wise Mr. Sock

I tried something out this morning with Carlie when she has her fits that my counselor suggested. I made a wise Mr Sock puppet.

She threw a fit because I pulled her hair back out of her face today and she wanted it down. So I got wise Mr Sock puppet out and made him tell her that her hair was beautiful and made him try to eat the sausage she was having for breakfast. She laughed so hard she forgot about her fit. She told me the next time I threw a fit she was going to use it on me. LOL.

Last night the other kids were at a neighbor's house, so I took Carlie with me to the store to buy some bread. She wanted to buy some candy, and I told her No. She said “I think you need to let me win this argument because you are big, and I am little!!!"

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Halloween Decorations

I sent this picture of our Halloween Decorations to Granny, and she replied "PLEASE tell me that isn't where you buried the Hamster!!!!"


Monday, October 13, 2008

More on the Death of Hannah

Bob's Niece, Arlena watches our kids for us when they get out of school. And as I've mentioned before our house always seems to be full of kids.

It turns out that when they found Hannah dead, Madolyn got hysterical. She went screaming up the stairs "Hannah's dead. She's been stabbed!!! She's been stabbed!!! She's DEEEEAAAAD!!!"

Well poor Lena, didn't know that Hannah was the HAMSTER. She thought there was a neighbor kid named Hannah down there who'd been stabbed and was dead. She said she nearly broke her neck running down the stairs to see who was hurt. It scared her to death!!!!

The craziness never ends at our house. Madi was playing with the remaining hamster, Angel, yesterday. I wake up to hysterical screaming. Apparently she set the hamster down for a second and Hunter, our cat, picked it up and took off running with it. Bob had to chase the cat down and get the hamster back. Luckily she was not hurt. Whew!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Rest in Peace, Hannah.

The kids discovered today that one of their hamsters was dead. It was the one who was the escape artist. Libby had taken one of her friends downstairs to see the hamsters. Hannah wouldn't come out of her little house. When Libby lifted the house up, she was lying underneath it with her feet in the air.

Libby thought at first that she was dead because it was Frank's turn to feed them last night, and he hadn't done so. I explained to her that it wasn't anyone's fault, that the hamsters were just old.

Then she told me that the hamster's teeth were sticking out about three inches, and Frank had said that we were supposed to take the hamster to the vet to have its teeth trimmed regularly and that's why it was dead. I told her that the hamster's teeth were always like that, they were just normally covered up.

Then poor Libby told me that she'd been online all afternoon looking for Pet Cemeteries where we could bury her. I guess I'm lucky that I nipped that in the bud before I got a bill for a $600 hamster plot somewhere in California.

Lena (Bob's niece who watches the kids after school) tried to get them to throw it in the trash, but the kids wouldn't hear of it. They told her "How would you like if we just threw YOU in the trash after you died!!!!"

So I guess we have to have some kind of hamster funeral this weekend. Sigh!!!

Thrown out of Preschool

When we moved to Cleveland, Ok to both be teachers, it was 2002. The school system had a Non-For-Profit daycare that was available for teacher’s kids. It was cheap and convenient. The daycare was run by a board of teachers (all of them elementary teachers who had kids in the daycare).

We’d been in school for a few months when Bob and I were “called before the board”. By then, I was several months pregnant with Carlie and EXTREMELY irritable. We met with “the board” in one of the elementary classrooms, and I remember perching on one of the tiny little grade school chairs while these old biddies proceeded to tell me how awful my children were.

The more I listened to all the petty offenses, the angrier I became. They went on to tell me how their daycare was just not set up to handle “those kinds of children”. Finally, I blew I gasket. I stood and looked the snottiest one in the eye and began to speak

“You’re worried about MY son throwing a shoe at your daughter right now. What you SHOULD be worrying about is that no one is willing to take the time to help “Those kinds of children”. What you SHOULD be worrying about is whether or not my son will grow up and AXE MURDER your daughter in 20 years, because no one would take the time to help him when he was LITTLE.”

You could have heard a pin drop, and then the woman burst into tears and ran out of the room. The whole time I’m talking, Bob has me by my shirt tale saying “Julie….Julie….calm down Julie”. LOL. Poor Bob.

What’s even funnier is that this woman had twin girls who were Frank’s age. When they were in first grade, one of her twins was in Frank’s class and fell head over heads in love with him!!! We’d run into them in the store and the little girl would be hollering “FRANK!!! Frank!!! I love you Frankie!!!” And you could hear her Mother hissing at her to be quiet.

Until we moved away, I’d secretly hoped they’d get married some day. Hehehe. Karma gets you every time.

P.S. They still threw them out of the daycare, despite my speech!!! But we found a much better one!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cinderella with a 'Tude

Carlie loves to play with her figurines on the landing of the stairs. Bob and I were sitting in the living room watching TV the other day when we hear her loudly declare "Prince Charming!!! You take me to the TOP of the castle. Capesh?!?!?!?"

Oh, some poor boy is going to have his hands full some day!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I love the sound of Screamin’ in the Mornin’

All I could think of this morning as I drove to work was Robert Duval’s character in Apocalypses Now yelling “I LOVE the smell of Napalm in the mornin’”

Normally Bob drops the kids off at school on his way to work, but he had to go early today for a faculty meeting. It shouldn’t be a hard thing to do. I have four able bodied children that are able to carry their own bags to the car and buckle themselves in. Should be a simple thing…..but not in the Pooligan household.

I told them as they gathered their stuff that they needed a jacket because it was cold outside. I got a chorus of “We don’t need a jacket…it’s not cold.” And out the door they went.

As I am gathering MY bags and trying to get out the door, I am nearly run over by a herd of children stampeding back into the house to get their jackets because it IS cold out there. Three of the four children go stampeding back out to the car. Carlie is in her room screaming to beat a banshee because she does not like the only jacket she can find. “Well TOUGH.” I wrestle the jacket on to her and herd her out the door…still bawling.

We get to the mini-van, and there are two car seats. One has padding and one does not. Because Carlie wouldn’t put her jacket on, Madi beat her to the van and got the “good” car seat. Carlie again starts bawling because she has the “Cold” car seat. I stop the van and refuse to go anywhere until she gets in the seat and puts her seat belt on.

In the mean time, Frank and Libby have gotten into it over something in the back seat. It escalates to Frank throwing a water bottle at Libby. I get that stopped and we proceed on to school.

Once at school, Libby does something else to Frank and he goes off on her screaming at her and throwing things at her. I told Frank that I’m not going to let him go into the school until he’s got control over himself. Our mini-van has self closing doors. He tries to dodge me and jump out the mini-van door. I push the button and shut it in his face. He opens it again, and it remains open just long enough for him to throw his trumpet case out before I get it closed again. Keep in mind; we are in the loading zone in front of the school with millions of people watching. He tries to open it again, and this time manages to throw his book bag out the door before I get it shut again. By this time I’m got him by the coat tale.

He sits down and I drive into a parking place to let him cool down before I let him go. He’s sitting their scowling, pouting and cursing. I inform him that some kid has picked up his trumpet case and is walking off with it. Frank proceeds to scream “I hate my trumpet anyway. And I hate school….and I’m not going. And I hate you too!!!”

So we sit there. Finally, I decide that I am driving him over to his school build WITHOUT his book bag and trumpet. When I put the car in gear, he decides he doesn’t want me to drive off and leave them there. So he says he’ll get out and get them. But by this time they are gone. So he goes into the school to see if someone took them inside. As he goes in the front door, the Principal comes out a side door with Frank’s book bag and trumpet. I wave the principal down and he looks at me kind of funny. I explain WHY Frank’s book bag and trumpet were lying on the side of the road. He finds Frank and gives him his stuff and sends him on his way to his building.

Oh YEAH!!!. I LOVE the sound of Screamin' in the Mornin'!!!!"

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

September Quotes

Whoever is happy will make others happy too. He who has courage and faith will never perish in misery. - Anne Frank
Take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk. - Dali Lama
You don't choose your family. They are God's gift to you, as you are to them. ~Desmond Tutu
Family .... A little world created by love.
When you look at your life, the greatest happinesses are family happinesses. ~Joyce Brothers

I Know Where Babies Come Out At

Last summer, Carlie had just turned four years old. Out of the blue one day she came up to me and blurted out “I know where babies come out at!!!” Always interested in what’s going to come out of her mouth, I say “Oh, really, where’s that?” She replies in a sing-song voice “They come out your WEEEEN-NEEER!!!”

After I got my voice back, I said “Carlie, girls don’t have wieners (not a word we use anyway), only boys have wieners.”

She thinks about it a second and goes “Oh, I already know that. Because girls have vaginas and they are THIS small (and she rolls her index finger against her thumb to indicate a small opening) and boys have a Penis and they are THIS big (and she spreads her hands about 12 inches apart!!!!

Now, I haven’t even really had the birds and bees talk with my 9 and 10 year old yet, so I demand “WHO told you that????” And she goes “Well, my Daddy did!!!”

Boy did I have some questions for my husband when he came in that night!! At first he vehemently denied it. Then he decided that she MIGHT have been listening a few weeks before when he was talking to Frank about some birds and bees stuff.

THANKS, Bob!!!

I tried to explain to Carlie that this was very big girl stuff and was not to be discussed in Pre-school. I didn’t want her giving her version of sex Ed to the whole preschool class!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

What Your Car Says About You


According to the article above, since I own a Navy Blue colored car, it means that I'm "Credible, confident, dependable". And that might be true. But the other day I was looking at my car and realized it says even more about me.

I drive a 2006 Pontiac Solstice. It's a sporty two seater, and that definitely shows my "go-get-em" personality. But I noticed a few other things about my car that were also telling. For one thing, the top of my black convertible roof was covered in long white cat hair. Hmmmmm.

Then I noticed that if was very dirty. Because when you have FIFTEEN MILLION (well okay only FIVE, but it seems like FIFTEEN MILLION sometimes) kids, you seldom have time to wash your sports car.

And then in the thick layer of dirt on my car, I noticed that four little fingers had trailed in the dust in a curly-que pattern all the way entirely around my car. And I just smiled!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Honk, Honk, Honk, Hooooonnk!!!

I think I've mentioned before that my husband is an optimist.....while I am what I call a "REALIST".

When the kids were really little, Bob would often leave them in the car with it running. I was constantly griping at him about this "Don't you know what could happen? They could get out of their car seats and put the car in gear. Someone could get in it and drive off." Yadda, yadda, Yadda.

Bob would always blow me off. That would NEVER happen, etc, etc.

Well one summer when Frank was 4 and Libby was 3, he had to go move the sprinklers on the football practice fields. There were a couple of them which mean he had to walk about 200 yards away from the mini-van. Because it was hot, he left it running with the kids in the car.

He got about 200 yrds away from the car, on the back side of one of the practice fields when he hears "Honk, honk, honk, Hooooooonk!!!!" Frank and Libby had unbuckled from their car seats and were honking out a tune on the mini-van horn. And Bob was 200 yards away.

The practice field was full of people, and they are all watching as Bob (who weighed about 400lbs at the time) is running back to the mini-van at a dead sprint in the heat. The whole way back they are merrily honking out tunes. He didn't leave them in the car by themselves any more after that!

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