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Thursday, March 20, 2008

I guess I'm going to be sick until I'm 51.

Libby is still visiting with my in-laws. Memaw is teaching her how to sew. They made Libby a skirt yesterday and she was really proud of it.

She called my Mom (Granny) to tell her all about it. Granny has always been Libby's confidant. Granny asked her if she was feeling any better. Libby said "Yeah, I'm feeling better. But they gave me this book, and it said that I'm going to have this sickness until I'm 51!!!"

Granny told her not to worry about it. That I would sit down and explain it all to her when she gets back home. LOL. Poor kid! So I went out to Barnes and Noble over lunch and got a book for us to read together that explains all about periods.

Wild Night 2008 aka Puking and Periods

When you have four or five kids, there are just going to be some wild days sometimes.

I started out the evening mad at JB. He finally had the day off on Sunday, and he told me that if I'd let him sleep all day, that he'd get up and spend some time with the family before he went out to see his friends. I got him up at 8:30PM (yes PM not AM) and instead of doing what he told me he'd do, he stayed long enough to make a mess in the kitchen and left. So he knew when he left that I was not pleased with him.

I was tired that night and decided to go to bed early. So I was in bed shortly after 9pm. The phone rings at 10pm. Our phone hardly ever rings that late, so it scared me. My niece Arlena was on the phone. She is 26 and lives with my in-laws. Libby has been there with them all week visiting during Spring Break. Lena tells me that she doesn't want to alarm me, but she thinks Libby has started her period. Now Libby is 8 and has shown no signs of development whatsoever. Lena said she'd told Libby that she might be starting her period, and Libby didn't know what that meant (because I've not had "the talk" with her yet.)

So I talk to my Mother-In-Law on the phone, and decide from the symptoms that Libby probably has a bladder infection. Then I talk to Libby and tell her that I'll explain all about periods to her when she gets home.

So by now, its close to 11pm. Bob and Frank have been downstairs playing PlayStation together. Frank comes upstairs crying like someone has died. It is the most gut wrenching, pitiful crying I've ever heard from him. Bob and I talk to him and try to soothe him, and he tells us he's crying because Bob beat him at PlayStation. Frank hates to lose at anything.

It's close to midnight by the time we get him settled down. I had just drifted off to sleep again when the dog starts barking at 12:30am when JB comes back home.

I roll over and punch the pillow. It was only a few minutes later when I hear little feet running into our bedroom and that sound that all mothers instantly know. Someone is going to hurl. I sit up in bed right at the same time that Madi throws up all over the bedroom floor. I look at the clock and its 1:34am.

She'd already thrown up all over her bed and bedroom floor. So I run a bath for her, wash her hair, clean up the floors. I decide that I'd be better off sleeping with her on the couch, because I don't want her to throw up in my bed.

We'd just gotten settled on the couch, when JB comes up the stairs. (Note: Bob has conveniently slept through all of this so far). He goes into the kitchen (its after 2am by now) and proceeds to cook ham and srambled eggs. As the smell goes through the living room, Madi goes pale and proceeds to start gagging again.

I go back into the kitchen and start hunting through the cabinets for some nausea medicine. JB knows I was mad at him earlier, so he's trying to win some brownie points back (I guess) by being extra helpful. So he's looking over my shoulder at the stuff in the cabinets and is giving me advice about what kind of medicine to give her. I look over my shoulder and give him "the glare" that only a Mom who's been up all night can give and he backs slowly away and returns to his cooking.

I give Madi the medicine, and she wants some water so I fix her a cup. JB is again trying to be extra "helpful" and offers to come get her medicine spoon and glass and take them to the sink. I tell him "She's PUKING. Do you really want to handle the stuff she's been drinking out of get it too?" He snatches his hand back with a look of horror and says "GOD, NO!!!" I imagine with the chemo that he went through, he's puked enough to last him a life time.

I had JUST gotten settled back on the couch yet again, when JB starts hollering in the kitchen. I raise my head up and he goes "It's a spider. A REALLY BIG spider." And then in a really quiet voice "Will you come kill it for me???" Uh that would be a big "NO!!!"

I finally got Madi to sleep, and then woke Bob up to sit with her for a while to make sure she didn't throw up any more. It was 3:30am the last time I looked at a clock!!!

At 6:15am the alarm went off and I got up and got ready for work. Singing to myself "I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan...and never, ever let you forget your a Man.....'cause I'm a woooommmmaaannnn!!"

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Persistant Preacher

My kids have always LOVED going to church.

We moved from Oklahoma to Kansas in 2005. When we first moved, we decided to rent a house for a year until we decided which area we wanted to live in permanently.

Just on the other side of our housing addition where our rental house was located was a very small Baptist Church. It was literally in walking distance from the yard. We had been going to church regularly when we lived in Oklahoma, but I knew that we'd be living in the rental house for less that a year. So we would occasionally walk over with the kids and go to this small Baptist Church.

The Preacher was 80 years old if he was a day, and all 20 plus members of the church were elderly. But they were very nice, and it was convienent. Still I wasn't very dedicated about attending, because I knew it was a short term deal.

Living so close to the church also had a serious draw back though. As convenient as it was for us to walk over and go to church, it was just as convenient for the elderly preacher to walk over to visit US and ask why we hadn't been in church in a few weeks.

One Spring day, I had decided to clean out my garage. I had left my pajamas on and didn't have a bra on. But I wasn't expecting company, and didn't think anyone would bother me. I opened the garage door to carry a box to the trash can, and there is the preacher walking up the drive way.

Drats!!! He's already seen me, so there's no way that I can dodge him. AND he's caught me in my pjs without a bra on!!! So I'm already mortified!!

He comes into the garage, and as usual the kids swarm around us to see if we have anything interesting that they need to listen in on. The Preacher starts in with his usual "Well, I haven't seen you and your kids in church for a couple of weeks. I just thought I'd stop by to make sure everything is okay."

Frank is standing there listening to us talk and he chimes in "You know, I ask my Mom to take us to church ALL the time. And she always just tells me No!!!" I almost died of embarrassment. LOL.

Karma will always bite you in the butt eventually

My Mom kept the three girls Thursday - Saturday last week. Libby started throwing up on Saturday night. My Mom said that Libby was the best sick kid ever. When she got ready to throw up, she'd calmly remove her night gown, take her glasses off, pull her hair back and then throw up. She said she was really low maintanence.

Secretly, in my mind, I though. "I am SO tired right now. I am SO glad that I didn't have to deal with that."

Well Karma came back to bite me in the butt big time last night. At 1:30am, I heard someone running into my bedroom, and then heard the sound that all Mom's recognize immediately. I thought "Oh no, someone's going to hurl!!!"

Sure enough, Madi threw up all over my bedroom floor. And she'd had red carpet-staining Kool-aide for dinner last night. She threw up all over my bedroom floor, all over her bed, and all over her bedroom floor. And the Diva is definitely NOT low maintanence.

So that's what I get for my secret mean little thought. LOL. The Princess is feeling much better today!

Jamie Lynn Spears

The other day I was watching TV with the little girls. We were watching Zoey In The Middle or Zoey 100....which ever show that has Jamie Lynn on it.

I commented to Madi "You know, you look like Jamie Lynn Spears." Carlie pipes up "Well I guess you know that Jamie Lynn is pregnant!!!"

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, Carlie!!!

My "Baby" is now five years old. And because Madi and Carlie are less than a year apart, for five weeks, I have TWO five year olds. That makes them Irish Twins.

She had her party at Chuck E Cheese this weekend. I invited 16 kids. I figured that 5 or 6 would show up, but she had 11 kids there! She had such a great time. She danced with her little friends. We ate pizza and played games. She got tons of Hannah Montana stuff and Polly Pockets.

When the party was over she hunted up each of her friends and hugged them goodbye.

Now that she's five and so grown up and all, she has informed us that she's too old to sleep in her toddler bed. So we are just going to have to get her a new one. She's also under the impression that since she's now five years old that she gets to go to Kindergarten next week and go to school all day every day. She's going to be really disappointed when she figures out that she can't start Kindergarten until this Fall.

Memaw and Pepaw Pool came to the party. They took Libby home with them. Memaw bought her a sewing machine and is going to teach her to sew this week. Frank is going with Granny and Papaw Morgan this week to Kentucky to visit my Sister.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Two's company, but not in a revolving door.

I normally post about my kids. But tonight I got an email from an old friend. And I had to post about one of the funniest things that every happened to me at work.

About 8 years ago, I got my first job as a Supervisor. I was asked to build a production support team, and that meant interviewing and hiring a couple of employees. Josh was THE VERY FIRST person that I ever interviewed. My first impression of Josh was that he was very large and athletic looking (He's probably 6'4" and has the build of a football player), very smart and pretty quiet. And he's fresh out of college.

He showed up for the first day of work, and told me right away that the company had issued him two checks for his moving expenses. They'd accidentally paid him twice. I was really impressed with his honesty!! I told him that we needed to go talk to HR to get it straightened out, and that HR was in another building that was serveral blocks away.

Instead of trying to give him complicated instructions about how to find the build and the office, I decided that I'd just walk him over there. It was a hot sticky day in August. The front of our building had a revolving door entrance.

Leading the way, I stepped into the revolving door. And instead of waiting for the next slot in the door, he got in the revolving door WITH me. WHAM, the door comes to a sharp halt and we ping pong back and forth against the front and back panels a couple of times. LOL.

Now we have ANOTHER problem. We are crammed into a revolving door together like sardines in a can and we are stopped. We had so little room, that we had to take teeny tiny baby shuffle steps to get going again!! I felt like I was on a Saturday Night Live skit. LOL.

Poor Josh, once we got out of there, his face was beet red.

Josh's first week doesn't get alot better though. Our building has a parking garage. And the only open parking spots are on the roof. So you have to drive through the entire parking garage to get to the top to park. There are signs in the garage that warn you to please turn your lights on while inside the garage.

Well Josh is driving an old junker college kid car. And apparently the warning bell that lets you know you left your lights on doesn't work in his old car. So he turns his lights on to drive through the garage, gets to the top...its sunny....he doesn't realize he left his lights on....and his warning bell doesn't work!!!

I'm sitting there at the end of his second day of work and Josh shows up at my desk. He goes "Mmmm....Julie....I need your help." So the first day, he gets in the revolving door with me, the second day....I have to jump his car. Poor Josh!!

I actually had to jump his car a couple more times in the following weeks. LOL. He did it, not just once, but SEVERAL times. As soon as he got his first paycheck, he went out and bought a new car!

Josh turned out to be a GREAT employee. He did a fine job, and I always enjoyed working with him. I got to attend his wedding, and he has two little boys now who are as cute as bugs in a rug.

This is what Josh has to say about the revolving door incident

"I am glad I gave you a story to break the ice with your new employees. I also have a story that I get to tell anytime somebody asks "What is your most embarrassing moment?" It always gets the most laughs out of all the stories. Any time we go through a revolving door, my wife still starts laughing or makes some sort of gesture like she is going to get in with me. It never gets old....for her. :-) "

I'm glad you keep in touch Josh :0)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Big Boys Throw Fits Too.

I often talk about my little boy's tantrums. Well today, my big boy threw one. What is pictured above is the remains of his alarm clock.

I KNOW that he's really tired from working so many hours at his new job. But Bob tried to get him up for school this morning, and he wouldn't get up. I tried to get him up nicely. When that didn't work, I put his alarm clock on a static station and turned it up WAY loud and left.

He threw his alarm clock on the floor and then stomped on it. Then he slammed his bedroom door and the bathroom door.

I told him that he will come home with a new alarm clock tonight or more than just the alarm clock will hit the fan!!!!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Some things are not supposed to be crunchy.

Frank and Libby are 8 and 9 now, and I've let them start cooking a few things on their own. Frank woke me up this morning to ask if he could scramble some eggs for breakfast. I sleepily told him yes.

Later in the day I asked Madi how her breakfast was. She said "Well we had eggs, but they weren't very good!!" I asked her what was wrong with them and she said "Well they were crunchy!!!"

Hmmm....guess they got some shells in the eggs.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

My Hero is....

Frank and my Dad have always been close. They both like to work on things together.

When Frank was in Kindergarten his homework one night was to draw a picture of his Hero to submit to a Poster Contest. Well he decided he would draw his Pawpaw with his fire truck. So he draws a stick figure in pink...because pink is Mr. Mobley's favorite shirt. Mr. Mobely was Frank's Principal. I am looking at the picture and there is something in the middle of Pawpaw...so I ask what that is and he tells me *Well Mom, those are Pawpaw's balls and pecker.* In that Duh tone of voice.

Soooo I told him he'd better draw some pants over Pawpaw. So I ask him what color are Pawpaw's eyes, and he makes them blue. Then I say *Don't forget to give Pawpaw some black hair.* and he goes *Well Mom, why? Because really his hair is gray.*

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

If that doll had just kept her legs shut....

We signed the papers on our current home two years ago on Carlie's third birthday.

With in a month she had flooded our basement. I was getting dressed for work one morning when Libby hollers from the basement "Mom, there's some water in the floor down here!!!" I grab a bath towel and head downstairs. About halfway across the basement "Squish, squish, squish" Okay, I think, I'm going to need something ALOT bigger than a towel.

I did not realize that the sink in the downstairs bathroom didn't have an overflow drain. From what we pieced together, Carlie had been giving her Polly Pockets a bath in the sink one night, and had left the faucet on the sink running at EXACTLY the right amount so that no one noticed that it was on, but over the course of the night managed to fill up the basin on the sink AND flood half the basement.

I had to pay a $500 deductible on my insurance and call in the disaster recovery folks to dry out the carpet and the sheet rock.

A few short weeks later, the toilet upstairs gets stopped up. Not completely stopped up, but enough that it does not flush easily. We try everything to fix it. We plunge it with the plunger. We put Draino in it, and try vinegar mixed with baking soda. Nothing works.

So I eventually call a plumber. Now being new to the area, I didn't know any of the plumbers, so I pick one randomly from the phone book. Loretta is home when they come to fix the toilet.

She said she answered the door to a little old man who was 90 if he was a day. Along with him was his 60 year old daughter and 30 something year old grandson who looked like he'd just been released from the El Dorado Prison. She's a little nervous about the trio, but lets them into the house. She said the old man was so frail and wobbly that she grabbed him by the elbow and steered him to the couch. The woman and her son proceed on to the bathroom to work on the toilet. They end up having to pull the toilet out of the floor. Out of the depths of the toilet he fished out a poop and toilet paper encrusted Ballerina Doll (one of Carlie's fav dolls). He proudly brings it into the living room to wave it under Loretta's nose and asks if she wants to keep it. Ummm...that would be a big NO.

The doll doesn't have any knee joints, and is in a sitting position. The plumber tells Loretta. "Well, if that doll had just kept her legs shut, you wouldn't a had a problem!!! She woulda gone right on down!!!"

So that was another $100. In about two months time, Carlie cost us $600. But she's worth every penny. I wouldn't trade her for a blue speckled pup!


In the English language there are orphans and widows, but there is no word for the parent who loses a child - My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult

Today is the anniversary of my Brother-in-Law's death. He died in a car wreck at the age of 26 before I was a part of the family. I always think about my Mother-in-Law Arlene on this 5th day of March, and hug my kids a little tighter than normal.
It was a peaceful day in the Pool House today. Nothing exciting to report.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I wanted to go to McDonalds tonight to eat out. Its JB's first night on the job, and he was going to be taking orders. Bob did not think that would be a good idea. I don't know why???

Madi was watching me write this post and wanted to know why I was on www.jb.com.

Ask a stupid question........

Carlie’s 5th birthday is just 10 days away. It’s hard for me to believe.

Last year, I took her shortly after her birthday for her 4 year check up. Our doctor is an older lady. That day she had a young male intern with her. She was asking Carlie developmental questions “What letter is that?” “A” “What letter is that? “Little z”. After asking her several letters which she got correct, the doctor says “Carlie, can you count to 10?”

Carlie looks at her with her best duh expression and says “Well, YEAH, I’m very INTELLIGENT!!” The young intern nearly busted a gut laughing. Then he said “Dr. W, does that answer your question?”

I Can't Believe He Ate the WHOLE THING!!!

I always have said that Madi is my Diva. Now I’m starting to wonder if it’s not FRANK!!

The school nurse called me a few weeks ago to say that Frank had come in and told her that he’d thrown up in the school bathroom. But he’d flushed it, so she didn’t know if he was really sick or not. But she wanted me to know. He told me later that the smell was so bad in the bathroom that it had made him throw up a little, but he felt fine now (and could he please have a snack!). But while talking to the nurse it came up that he goes down to the nurse’s office quite often (several times a day) to get peppermints to “soothe” his stomach.

I got an email from his teacher a few minutes ago saying that he was resting on her couch in her classroom. He told his teacher that his sister had punched him in the stomach this morning and it caused him to feel bad. Oh if you could only see me rolling my eyes via the internet.

On another topic, we ran over to Walmart last night to get a few things. As we were checking out they had Pringles on sale. I grabbed a can of Salt and Vinegar Pringles. Since I’ve had gastric bypass surgery, I can only have a few at time. Boy they tasted GOOD though. I ate a few, and left the can sitting in front of my computer desk. I went downstairs to talk to Bob and JB. I was only down there for a few minutes. When I came back upstairs the ENTIRE CAN was empty. All that was left were crumbs in the bottom!!!! I couldn't believe my eyes. Frank ate the entire stinking CAN…..in MINUTES. I told my husband that I really do think all kids are brain damaged. Did he not think that I’d realize that the WHOLE CAN was gone? If he’d only taken a few, I might not have noticed!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Momma, you hurt my Keeks!!!

In April of 2005 I took a job in Wichita, KS. We were six weeks away from school being finished. So we decided that I would go ahead and move to Wichita with the two little girls. Bob would stay in Oklahoma with the two older kids, so that all three of them could finish school.

So I was a bit stressed out with starting a new job, taking care of a barely 2 and barely 3 year old, and being seperated from the rest of my family.

One night, I hear Madi screaming and hollering. I fly into the living room to see her head stuck in the back of the formal dining room chair pictured above. Her body is on the seat, her head is down at the base of the chair, and she's screaming hysterically.

I proceed with trying to get her head back through the chair. I push and pull and tug. And the more I try to get her out, the more hysterical she becomes. She starts to fight me, which makes it even harder. I tried putting dishwashing soap on her head (That works when your ring is stuck!!) But that only made her mad and sticky!!

Carlie was pretty calm and collected until she realized that I couldn't get her sister out. Then she too starts bawling and wailing.

So I really don't know what I'm going to do. I'm the only adult around, and I CANNOT get her out. Nor can I get her calmed down. And the two of them are about to scream down the house.

I finally stop for a second and review my options. I have a small hand saw out in the garage. I decide that if nothing else works, I can go get it and saw the chair apart to free her. But before I destroy an expensive chair, I decide to try one more time to get her out.

I make some measurements and determine that the widest part of the chair is at the top. She must have put her head in there and then slid it down to the bottom of the chair. So I hold her body up horizontally at the top of the chair, and give a mighty tug. Finally her head pops free.

As soon as she's free, she stops crying. She looks at me with her big brown eyes and says "Momma!!! You hurt my keeks!!!" and proceeds to rub her red little cheeks.

Of course I had to give her the classic "Don't you EVER do that AGAIN!!!"

Libby can eat Salid.

Last year, Libby was in 2nd grade and Frank was in 3rd grade. At the beginning of the school year, they started offering salads for lunch. But they were concerned that not alot of the younger kids would really eat a salad. So the rule was that 3rd graders could order a salad any time they wanted, but K-2nd grade required a note from the parent stating that their child could order a salad that day.

Now Frank LIKES salads and he would order one on a pretty regular basis. Libby however, does NOT like salad. But she kept BEGGING us to sign a note for her so that she could order one.

I told her one morning "Libby you do NOT like salads, so I'm not writing a note for you. I don't want to hear about it any more."

I have parent teacher conferences later in the week. I have a good chat with Libby's teacher. She's doing well in school, etc. But at the end of the conference the teacher gets a funny little smile and says she doesn't want me to get mad, but she has something to show me regarding Libby.

She unfolds a piece of paper and slides it across the top of the desk to me. Written on the paper in blue crayon in 2nd grade handwriting is the following: "From Bob. Libby is haveing a salid. To Mrs Hall."

Ummm....now I can just bet that my husband doesn't usually write notes in blue crayon, and last time I checked he knows how to spell Salad.

When the teacher questioned Libby about it, she first said that Bob himself had written it. When that wasn't believed, Libby claimed that Bob told her he didn't have time to write the note, but that she could write it FOR him. She was sent to the principal's office. When the prinicipal offered to call Bob to check out her story, she finally confessed.

Oh if they'd just put that creativity and smarts towards solving the worlds problems!!!

Tales of a 4th Grade Drop-Out

My phone at work has caller id. When I see the number for the elementary school, I inwardly cringe. It can be anything from a child needs lunch money, to one of them is puking, to my son having a melt down.

I know which of the three it is when I hear the Principal's voice on the line. Our conversations always start like this:

"Well Hello Mrs Pool. How is your day?"

"Ummm...well....pretty good so far, but that depends on what you are getting ready to tell me!!!"

About a month ago, I got a call from the principal. He informed me that my 4th grade son is quitting school.

I spoke to my rebel on the phone and explained to him that it's the law that all children go to school. So his options are to go to school peacefully or to have to go to juvie. Jail is the ONE THING my child fears above all others.

After talking to him about 15 minutes about whom I should give his possessions too (because he wouldn't need them in Juvie), he wails "Oh MY GOD MOM. You are the meanest Mom EVER. I guess I'll go back to school!!!!"

I'm sure it will be funny.....one day. I now lay upon him the Mother's Curse "Frank, I hope you have four kids JUST LIKE YOU one of these days!!!"
I guess its a boy thing though, because my Father-in-law tells people that he spent as much time in the classroom as Bob did during the 3rd grade, because he had to go up there so often.

Poem about Father's and their Daughters

As my father sees me, so shall I.
As a daughter, all my self-worth comes from how much my father values me.
The amount of affection he pays me as a child is what I will expect from a mate.
The respect he shows my mother, will be what I will tolerate from a husband.
The time invested in me as a child, will equal the amount of time I invest in him during his "golden" years.
How he sees me in his eyes, is how I will see myself.
A little girl becomes exactly what her father says she is.
In short, I will be the product of what you do and say around me, to me, and to others .
No compliment or blessing is any higher than that of my Daddy’s.
In short, how you see me, is how I will be.
The least little comment, especially negative, I will take to heart.
You think the sun will rise and set with me, but without you I have no world.
You are my daddy and little girls NEED their Daddies.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Happy Adoption Day!!

They were in Kindergarten and Head Start when we were able to finally complete their adoption. It was March 2nd. Both sets of grandparents came to celebrate the day with us. We waited on a hard bench outside of the court room for our turn in front of the judge. We didn't know it at the time, but they were trying a criminal case in the hearing before ours. As we sat there an watched, they brought in two hardened criminals in orange jumpers and numerous handcuffs and chains. They were being tried for the death of a Cleveland, OK Sheriff a few years before. They were horrible looking and walked within touching distance of us.

I also found out that later that same day, the kids birth mother had been let of out jail on parole that same day.

We all went out to eat afterwards and celebrated. It was a good day!!!

Today in honor of their Happy Adoption Day, we went to IHOP and had dinner together. We let Frank and Libby choose.

Carlie quickly figured out that since she doesn't have an adoption day that her birthday should count TWICE as her anniversary AND her birthday. LOL.

I'm Popular!!!

I haven't posted many stories about Madi yet. That's partially because she's a good kid and doesn't seem to get into as much trouble as the other four.

But she LOVED starting Kindergarten this year. She enjoys it so much. I was fixing her hair one morning a few weeks after she'd started school, and she tells me "Do you know that I'm POPULAR?" So I ask "Well what does Popular mean?" She says "I don't know. But Miranda said SHE was popular, so I said I was too!!!!"

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Late and Lost

Well we finished up the basketball games today at Douglas. Libby had one game and Frank had two. The schedule said Libby's game was at Noon. Frank's started at 9am. The phone rings at 7:50am and the Coach wants to know if we remembered that her game had been moved to 8am!!! Ummm....the answer to that would be "NO!" We got her there at half time, so she got to play the last half of the game.

Frank played both of his games. When we got ready to leave, Carlie was missing!!! We looked outside the doors we'd come in, looked in the bathroom and couldn't find her. Finally after enlisting other parents to help we found her outside of one of the other doors. That kid can disappear faster than a snowall in July!!! She'll be five in two weeks!!

JB got a job at the Turnpike McDonalds for $7 something an hour. He starts on Tuesday.

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