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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Cost of a Trip To Town

Bob wanted me to go to Wichita with him to buy a pair of shoes for him. I told him, I didn't want to go and he asked why. My response....

Well if you go by yourself to buy shoes it will cost about $75. If I go with you, that means we have to round up all four kids who are dispersed through the neighborhood and then get them dressed appropriately. And settle a few squabbles amongst them in the process. Then you'll go spend $75 for the shoes. And then we'll all go eat out which will be another $40. Then we'll have to stop at PetSmart to replace Madi's deceased goldfish...which would normally be $5.99...but I can't ever leave that place without spending $50. Then we'll stop at Sam's Club and spend $100 on things we don't really need and we MIGHT even stop at Barnes and Nobles....and since everyone will want a book that'll be another $75. So if YOU go to buy shoes, that'll cost $75. If we all go, it will cost $350!!"

Seemed like perfect reasoning to me. He then told me that I was a difficult person. And I said that I am normally a very laid back and easy going person. And he started LAUGHING. He wasn't even just snickering a little bit either. He was Hee Hawing. Hmmmph!!!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sometimes the best Offense....

is a good defense. Madi is a very good defensive player. They always give her the biggest girl to guard. During her game on Saturday she was guarding a really tall girl. Madi was all over her, and they couldn't throw the ball to the girl at all.

Finally the girl said "Would you quit being so hard on me so that I can get the ball sometimes!!!" I asked Madi what she said to her and she goes "Nothing. I just kept guarding her!"

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Whiney Mae and Tatolyn Grace

Meet Whiney Mae Pool and Tatolyn Grace Pool, the two newest members of my family. Can you tell its been a long week??? Madi doesn't care much if I call her Tatolyn Grace, but Whiney Mae makes Carlie furious. LOL.

Today Libby and I were looking for something. We finally found it right in front of us. I said "Well if it would have been a snake, it would have bit us!!!" and Libby replies "Yeah, and if it had been a monkey it would have Eeeeked at us!!!"

Bwhahaha. I swear that child is really a blonde!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I fought the law and......

I WON!!!!!

When I went on Madi's field trip back in October, I was on my way to the school when I was pulled over by the local police officer. I couldn't understand why he pulled me over, because when I turned out of my neighborhood the first speed limit sign was 30pmh and then I slowed down to 20 mph at the next sign. The officer got smart with me and said "Well didn't you see the big flashing sign?!?!??" Ugh....that would be NO. Apparently the week before they'd put up a new school zone sign on the other side of my neighborhood. How was I supposed to know that?

So instead of paying the ticket I showed up at court. I was told I had three options. Plead guilty and pay $150. Ask for a Diversion and pay $300 or have a trial. So I told them I wanted to have a TRIAL. In the grand city of Towanda...population about 500. So I had a court date on Jan 12th. I showed up with maps and pictures....explained the incorrect signage. And I WON. Ticket dismissed!!! Wooo Hooo.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Something's Fishy

I used to have fish tanks, but I haven't had one for years. We bought a used 75 gallon aquarium this weekend. It came with a plecostomus and two HUGE Oscars that were longer than my foot. I didn't want the Oscars. Carlie asked me why, and I told her that they were kind of mean and ate any other fish that you put in the tank with them. She goes "Oh, so they are carnivores, huh?" I had the fish in a 5 gallon bucket between my feet and she was sitting between me and Bob in the front of his truck. A few minutes later, I realize that she has her feet drawn up on the seat. I asked her what she was doing and she said "Well, you know that part on the back of my leg IS really meaty and they ARE carnivores." LOL.

We took the Oscars to a local pet store and I let each kid pick out a fancy goldfish. Madi named her's swimmy. Frank named his Swimmer and Carlie named her's Rock. She told me that she would take good care of Rock and nuture him. I've been trying to decide how exactly you nuture a fish!

Bob asked what the plecostomus was. And I told him. So he's been calling it the Promiscuous. So I guess he has a name too. Poor guy.

Promiscous isabout 14 inches long.

That's swimmer in the background.

And here is the fish named Rock!

Fog and Frost

We've been having this weird weather. The other morning we woke up to a strange fog when the temps were below freezing. What resulted was a beautiful feathering of frost on everything. It was beautiful.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I'm Someboy's Hero

Carlie brought this aware home to me today. She was asked to make an aware for her Hero. I am her hero. "Grin". I asked her why she picked me and she said it was because I set up a facebook account for her. Hehehe.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Crazy Basketball Schedule

January 16, 2010
Frank 9am Remington Middle
Little Girls 3pm Benton
Libby 9am Towanda

January 23, 2010
Frank 11am Remington Middle
Little Girls 8am Towanda
Libby 2pm Towanda

January 30, 2010
Frank 8am Benton Grade Snack
Little Girls 2pm Whitewater
Little Girls 5pm Benton Grade Both
Libby 8am Douglas
Libby 10am Douglas

February 6, 2010
Frank 9am Towanda
Little Girls 1pm Towanda
Libby 9am Bluestem

February 13, 2010
Frank 12pm Augusta Middle
Frank 4pm Benton Grade
Libby 10am Towanda
Libby 5pm Towanda

February 20, 2010
Frank 1pm Bluestem Drink
Little Girls 10am Towanda
Libby 8am Remington Both

February 27, 2010
Frank 8am Benton Grade
Frank 12pm Augusta Middle
Little Girls 12pm Towanda Both
Libby 10am Benton Grade
Libby 2pm Towanda

March 6 2010
Frank 9am Towanda
Little Girls 1pm Towanda
Libby 10am Potwin

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First Basket Ball Games

The kids had their first games of the year. Madi and Carlie are on the same team this year. They won their first game in double overtime. Frank and Libby both lost their games, but they played well.

Monday, January 11, 2010


My first post of the year (and decade) and it's about sickness. We've had the stomach virus going through our family. Madi got it first. I was up with her all night, and finally about 8am she stopped throwing up. I stayed home from work with her and she seemed to be doing fine. She was quite the princess....laying on the couch sucking her thumbing and asking me to go get her this and go fetch her that!

Then in the afternoon, she started to look worse. Her face broke out in a rash and she had her face a scrunched up funny. I asked her what was wrong, and she said that when she opened both eyes she saw two of me. So she was keeping one eye closed. That really scared me. I called her doctor who said to take her to the Urgent Care Center or ER.

They wanted to put in an IV. Madi has always been allergic to pain, and to make matters worse, the first IV didn't work so they had to do it again.

She had to call Papaw and tell him all about it. She said "they hurt me so bad with that needle and then they put the left needle in the right arm and the right needle in the wrong arm!"

Now Libby has the stomach virus. I hope no one else gets it.

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