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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Coyote Breath

We were out working on the land this weekend. Papaw was clearing trees from around our water well and he came upon a small patch of Rabbit fur. He just tossed it aside.

We've been trying to explain to the kids what country life will be like. Madi is terrified of bugs. Frank wants a four wheeler. Madi wants a horse. Libby says living in the country is alot of hard work. I am afraid of wasps.

I was working in front of the house later in the day when Carlie comes around the corner with the rabbit fur. She asks "Was this a rabbit?" I said "It WAS. Throw it down...its nasty!!!" She quickly tosses it down on the ground and said "Yeah, it did smell a little like coyote breath. I guess a coyote killed it!!!"

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