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Monday, September 6, 2010

We Labored

I needed a good weekend, and we had a GREAT time. My parents came up, and Bob's parent came up and brought their tractor, one of our friends came over to help, and we paid 3 football boys to move rocks for us. We got a TON of stuff cleaned up on our land, plus we had a great time. My Dad brought his tiller and saw. We cut down trees, cleared off a pile of rocks by the well, rehung the tire swing that broke. Brushhogged most of the place. Granny brought a huge dish of lasgna and Memaw fixed the sides and we had a great family dinner. There were tractor rides and wheel barrow rides. A great time!!!

I don't think I've ever seen Bobby so dirty!!!!

Princess Pee-pee Head. Don't ask me how she got her name...and yes, I am talking about the cat...not Frank!

Carlie is driving the tractor.

Frank and Libby's turn

Memaw and Arlena

Madi's turn...she's turning into a true farm girl. She wants boots and a hat for Christmas.

Madi and Snowball worked so hard...they are worn out!!!

Frank is the master of the lawn tractor. No telling how many miles he put on it this weekend.

Pepaw worked hard brush hogging the whole place.

Frank and I piling up brush.

They are coming to pour concrete for the new building this weekend. As soon as the new building is up, this shed will come down.

My two "pet" Orb Weaver Spiders.

We were expecting to find snakes in the pile of rocks we moved. Instead we found a possum living at the bottom of the pile!!! We also saw mice, squirrels and a pack rat, but no snakes.

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