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Monday, August 22, 2011

The Wheels On The Bus....

Now that we are living out in the country, the kids are getting to ride the bus for the first time. I have been warning them repeatedly about how unhappy I will be if they miss their bus...especially since their school is in the opposite direction from where Bob and I work.

Carlie is a bit ADD, she can't keep up with her shoes. If she can't find hers she'll grab the first pair she comes across and puts them on.

It just so happens that I can see the girls waiting for the bus at the end of our driveway from my bathroom window as I'm getting ready for work. I see Madi come flying back towards the house in a tizzy. She comes in bawling that Carlie has HER shoes on. So I told her to tell Carlie to come back in the house and find her own shoes. I watch as Madi goes back out there. I see yelling, shouting, waving of arms. It's clear that Carlie isn't going to give her the shoes. So I open the window an inch and yell out there for Carlie to give Madi her shoes.

About a second after I shut the window, the shoes come off of Carlie's feet one at a time and she throws them at Madi as hard as she can throw them. Carlie charges back into the house....puts on someone elses shoes and makes it back outside about two seconds before the bus gets there!!!

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