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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Just Tattoo SUCKER on my forehead

I walked out the front door this morning to the mini-van and drove to work. About an hour later, Libby called me and said there were three baby birds on the porch. I'd just been out there an hour before! There was no nest to be found.

I called the local vet and she said there were some wildlife conservation places that might take them. The closest one was in Hutchinson. So I called the vet back and asked if we brought them to her would she euthanize them, and she said she would.

The vet is half a mile away. So I had Libby put them in a bucket and take them to the vet. About thirty minues later, she called me back....so excited and said the vet had explained to her how to take care of them. I thought "Don't tell me you brought those birds back" and a second later Libby said "They're in your bathtub."

So now we have three baby blue jays that have to be fed damp cat food (kind of ironic) once an hour. I warned the girls that baby birds are very fragile and they might die. One of them is bigger and stronger than the other two.

I'm just gonna put out a sign that says "All strays welcome!!!"

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