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Thursday, February 10, 2011

First Kiss

When my girls were little we’d rub noses. I told them those were called Eskimo Kisses. But they thought I said Elmo Kisses. So that’s what we’ve always called them.

Last week we were at a basketball game. I was on the edge of the court taking pictures, my husband was coaching. My kids are classic gym rats running around all over the place.

I noticed that Carlie, our youngest at age 7…the one who’s a brainiac, has been missing for a while. So irritated, I go looking for her. I finally found her behind the bleachers with a little boy. I growled at her “WHAT do you think you’re doing back here!!!!” She calmly turned around and introduced me to her “boyfriend” Colter. Colter is quite a bit bigger than Carlie…so I narrow my eyes and ask him “How old are you?” He goes “Well I’m in first grade, and Carlie is in second, but it’s okay because we’re BOTH SEVEN.” Well….THAT’s a big relief.

So I ask them what they were doing back there. And the little boy says “Well, she’s my girlfriend, so I was kissing her!” He was quite proud about it. I blew a gasket. “You were KISSING HER….you’re both too young for that!!!” My daughter rolls her eyes at me and says “Geeze Mom, it was only Elmo kisses….so it was platonic!!!!”

I can’t even imagine what 15 is going to look like!!!

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