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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Carlie The Pest

My sister sent me a note that we just HAD to watch the movie "Ramona and Beezus" because the little girl on there looked just like Carlie. We got to watch it over the weekend. Not only does she look like, she ACTS just like her too. So we've been calling her "Carlie the Pest".

Granny had to watch her for most of a week while she was out of school with a low-grade fever. One day Granny took her to a movie...just the two of them. Granny bought her a pop and popcorn and told her that she wanted her to go to the bathroom before the got to their seats. Carlie goes "Nah. I don't gotta go." Granny said "I bought you a pop, I want you to go before the movie starts so you don't have to get up in the middle of the movie." Carlie goes "Graaannnnyyy....I can hold my pee a long time. In fact, I can hold my pee like a camel!!!" (Not sure where that one came from...can camels hold their pee a long time???)

Then a couple of days later she comes up to Granny and says "Granny, do you have affordable health care?" Granny goes "Well, yes I do...but why do you ask?" Carlie says "Well I just saw this commerical on TV and it said if you live in one of these counties....and one of them was Butler...then you could get affordable health care if you needed it!!" Oh....glad she's looking out for us. WE live in Butler county, but Granny doesn't. LOL.

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Corina said...

Such a beautiful family, hope you're all doing well.


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