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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Billy and Gruff

These are our newest members of the family. Billy is whiter and Gruff has more brown on him. Bo and Boots are FASCINATED. They have never seen a dog that looks like THAT.

Billy and Gruff are about six months old and they are pygmy fainting goats. They will faint if you startle them. They are so sweet and like to be hugged and brushed.

When we picked them up, I had them in the back seat of the truck. Billy was on my lap and he PEED on me abou 15 minutes from home!!! ALOT.

1 comment:

Michelle Barrick said...

We have 3 goats! they are so much fun! They are all female tho.. i have heard boys are nasty and pee all over themselves and they stink! lol
They are so much fun!!

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