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Saturday, May 28, 2011

When You Can't Come To Easter... Part I Baby Sitting

Easter comes to you.

Easter weekend, I had agreed to watch my great-niece Amira so that her Mom could work. The Pools decided that they were coming up. Well the Thursday before Easter I left work early with nausea, fever and chills. I called Lena and The Pools and let them know that I was sick and probably contagious as well. Lena didn't have anyone else to watch the baby, so Bobby said he thought he could manage.

So he picked the baby up Friday. Lena had packed one bottle, some formula, a container with powder and diapers. Bobby came and got me after he'd had the baby for about four hours and said she was crying. I picked her up and she had on a 20 lb diaper. So I recommended that he change. He he would change it if it was a pee diaper, but if it was poop, I was going to have to do it. So he got her diaper changed. She was still crying, so he tried to fix her a bottle. She still continued to cry so he came and asked me what was wrong. We finally figured out that he'd made the bottle with the powder in the container which was CEREAL instead of formula so nothing was coming out of the bottle no matter how hard she sucked on it. Poor baby!!!

I didn't know that, so I told him to get a fork or knife and try to open up the hole in the nipple a little bit. Well when he did that, the nipple split and all the contents came spilling out. I told him we HAD to go to the store and get a new bottle. He wasn't comfortable taking a baby to Walmart, and I was still sick, but I ended up going. That night the baby and I went to bed at 8pm and Bob crawled in with us. She slept between us snug as a bug in a rug. I told Bob that we are out of practice!!!

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