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Monday, May 23, 2011

Ugly Cat aka Butcher Knives and Lanterns

So last week before Memaw got sick, the girls we are a baseball game with my neighbors, and Frank and Bob were not home yet. So oddly enough, I had the house to myself. I walk into the master bathroom at the end of the trailer house, and I hear an awful racket. I listen closely and it appears to be coming from UNDER the trailer house. I "follow" the sound of running and crashing and it moves from under my whirlpool bath, under the cabinet....over by the shower. When we first moved in, we'd had a disconnected floor vent under the trailer, and a cat had climbed into the floor vents and "popped" the vent out of the floor i nthe middle of the night and came into the house. So I opened the vent and looked around, but couldn't see anything.

So of course, I "had" to know what was under there. So on that end of the trailer, the trailer sits close to the ground. The only way I can see under is to remove a piece of the trailer skirt and lay flat on the ground. Under the trailer there is a liner that protects the bottom of the trailer. It's drooping down on that end, and sure enough I can see something moving around inside the liner and it looks BIG.

I decide that I have to find out what it is. I'm thinking possum, racoon, large rabid rats. So I go back into the house and come back out with a butcher knife and a lantern (cause my kids always lose every flashlight we buy). I stretch out on the ground flat on my belly, set the lantern down and use the knife to cut a hole in the lining. Whatever it was...it got realllllly still. And the WHAM, it charges towards the hole that I had cut.

Now I am lying flat on my stomach on the ground and its hard to run from that position, but I do still have the knife in my hand. About the time I'm poised to run, I see a tiny nose and whiskers peek out of the hole.

Awwwww....Momma Cat's missing kittens!!!! Then of course I had to lure them out. So I go back inside and this time I come out with a weiner!! I stretch back out on the ground and home the weiner up to the hole in the liner under the trailer. I lure two of them out. Two of the ugliest cats that I have ever seen!!! We are gonna have to get Momma Cat fixed because she makes ugly babies.

The boy kitten is black and orange brindled...and then it looks like he was slapped around a bit with a white paint brush. Poor thing. I let the kids play with them a bit when they got home then slipped them back under the trailer.

I wonder if my neighbors watch me and laugh at me!!!

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