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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Night or Day?

Poor Carlie has been so sick the last few weeks. Two weeks ago she had really bad Strep Throat. Last week she had a stomach virus. This week she has a cold and a cough. Bob had a late practice yesterday, so he picked the kids up from school. Carlie told him that she was too tired to help with housework and needed to take a nap. So he told her to go lay down. Sure enough, she was out like a light a few minutes later. When I came home at 5:30pm, she was still sleeping and was running a mild fever.

I let her sleep for a while longer and cooked spaghetti and garlic toast for dinner. At 6:30pm, I had everyone’s food dished out. So I went and woke Carlie up. I said “Come on, sweetheart, wake up and go eat.” It took me several tries to get her to wake up. By then the other kids were already done eating. Carlie sat at the table and asked “WHY are we having spaghetti? Can’t I just eat the toast?!?!?!?!?” That’s normally one of her favorite meals. She was crabby so I told her she could only eat toast if that’s what she wanted. She took a nibble of it, then whined “Can’t I have some cereallllll?”

I don’t normally cater to such requests. But I knew she didn’t feel good, so I fixed her a bowl of dry cereal. I went on about my evening chores. A few minutes later Carlie walks by me wearing a different outfit. I asked her “Why did you put those on?” And she goes “Is it Saturday?” I replied “No, it’s Wednesday.” I’m thinking she’s delirious with fever or something. So I say “Why don’t you go put those clothes back up and put some pajamas on?” Again she looks at me funny and repeats “Is it SATURDAY or is it THURSDAY?” Now I’m REALLY starting to get concerned. I repeated “Hon, go take those clothes off and put your PJs on.” And she yells at me “WHY would I want to wear my PJs to SCHOOL!!!”

Ahhhhhh…..she thought it was morning. I woke her up….she’d been asleep for a long time….it was dark outside….food was on the table. No wonder she didn’t want to eat spaghetti for breakfast. LOL. I thought I was in the twilight zone there for a minute. I’m sure she was thinking that way too. LOL.

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