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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Would You Get OFF of ME!!!

When we first moved to Wichita, Carlie had just turned two. It was the first time we'd lived with the kids in a big city where we had access to things like the YMCA.

I was so excited and enrolled the kids in several different classes at the Y. The kids took swimming lessons. I put Carlie and I in a class called Tumble Tots for kids ages walking to 2 years. It was a parent child class. Carlie always talked like a grown up when she was little (like my niece, Morgan). She was also very head strong.

At the beginning of the class, the Mommies and Babies were supposed to sit on the floor with the child and do stretches. Then after the stretches were completed the kids got to play on tumbling equipment with their parent. Well Carlie liked the playing part, but she didn't want anything to do with the stretching. She would get up and run away.

Finally one day, I decided I was going to hold her down and we were going to DO the stretches. So I'm trying to wrestle her into place. I look down the line of other parents and kids and all the other babies are sitting there with their parents doing their nice little stretches and saying things like "Hi, Mommy!" "Look, Mommy" "Find Ball".

Meanwhile it's taking all my strength to wrestle MY child down to the mat. Then Carlie finally yells at me (sounding like she's six years old) "Would you get OFF of ME!!!!" As everyone in the class stopped what they were doing to look at us, I just gave an embarrassed chuckle and shrugged.

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