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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Since I was little bitty, I've always been a rather serious and intense person. What alot of people find funny, I usually just don't get....like say...any Adam Sandler movie.

Now I do play with the kids alot. We snuggle and wrestle and tickle and aggravate each other almost daily. And they all seem to need this physical contact. But they also know that when I mean business about something....well I mean business. One of Bob's favorite expressions to the kids is "You better straighten up 'cause you KNOW your Momma don't play!"

So the other day Carlie said something to me and I replied "Oh Carlie. You are SO silly." And she goes "You're funny, Mommy!!!" Then she pauses for about a nanosecond and goes "Well now that I think about it, you really AREN'T funny, Mom."

My husband laughed when I said I was laid back, and my 1st grader says I'm not funny. Hmmmph!!!

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