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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Church Gone Wild

I was raised in a Church of Christ family which is ultra conservative. No instruments in church, no solo music, certainly no clapping. For a while we'd joined the local Baptist Church here, and they were pretty conservative too...mostly older people...we sang the old time hymns....had to dress up.

Well we stopped going because we stay so busy. It's probably been a year since we've gone regularly. My friend just started up a new H2O church. They have a band and praise music. It's okay to sing and dance and clap, and you can wear whatever. March 14th was Carlie's birthday and it fell on a Sunday this year. She asked me if I would PLEASE take her to church on her birthday. Well who could resist that. She even had it figured out that church ended at Noon, and her party wasn't at 3pm, so that wasn't a problem.

Well Carlie LOVED it. She danced her booty off the whole service. She told her Granny that "When that music started up, you just couldn't help from getting up and dancing." Granny asked her if she knew the songs, but she said that they put the words up on the screen so you could sing along.

Granny asked if if Dad went with them, and she said "Yes". So Granny said "Well did your Dad dance too?" Carlie thinks about it a minute and then says "No, he's not really the dancing type. He's more the singing type. But he's not very good at that either!!!"

Now they pester me to take them to church on Sunday. How cool is that.

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