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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Parker's Memoir

This is my nephew's first essay. I think he takes after his Aunt Julie!!!!

Super Pal
By: Parker Noe

Do you have a pet in your life that is as valuable as gold to you? Well I do. I bet you can’t guess who it is! We do lot’s of fun things together. We snuggle together, we play fetch, and we wrestle! When we are together I feel safe. Do you give up? Okay, I will tell you! It is my dog Russle!

One thing I like to do is with Russle is snuggle together. I remember when I got him he really liked me! We snuggle on the couch and chair. Every time we watch a movie he licks the door! When I am with him I feel safe.

I do lots of things with Russle but my number one is to play fetch. One time I threw the ball in the pool. Isn’t that funny! We have a lot of balls, over 50! He is fun.

One last thing I will tell you is that we like to wrestle. He always wins! He has a cool trick. He stands on me. That is so funny. He keeps doing it. I feel brave when I wrestle with Russle.

Now I bet you can guess why I said Russle is as valuable as gold. We do lots of things together. Even though he is older we still have fun. I am so lucky. Yes I am.

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