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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Who's On First? aka Welcome to MY World.

Granny picked the three girls up and took them shopping over Spring Break. I had $40 in Kohl's Cash, so she took them there to buy shoes. Granny had shoes picked out and wanted them to try them on. The little girls threw a fit and said they both had to go to the bathroom RIGHT THEN. And they couldn't wait. Of course the bathroom is on the other side of the store.

So off they go, and Granny and Libby wait....and wait....and wait. Finally Madi comes back alone. Granny said "Where is your sister?!?!?" Madi said "Oh, she was in there playing in the water and messing around. And she wouldn't come so I finally just left without her."

So Granny sent Libby to go get Carlie. As soon as Libby gets out of sight, Carlie comes around the corner. Granny asked Carlie "Where is your coat?" She said "Oh, I guess I must have left it on the floor in the bathroom (nasty thought) or maybe on the bend." So Granny sent her back to go get it.

About the time that Carlie disappears down the aisle. Here comes Libby from the other direction with Carlie's coat. She said "Granny.....I looked all over for her. I couldn't find her anywhere. But here's her coat!!!"

So they wait....and wait....and wait for Carlie. She finally comes back and says she looked everywhere, but her coat was gone....someone must have stolen it.

And all this time the shoes have STILL not been tried on.....welcome to my world!!!

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