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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Cost of a Trip To Town

Bob wanted me to go to Wichita with him to buy a pair of shoes for him. I told him, I didn't want to go and he asked why. My response....

Well if you go by yourself to buy shoes it will cost about $75. If I go with you, that means we have to round up all four kids who are dispersed through the neighborhood and then get them dressed appropriately. And settle a few squabbles amongst them in the process. Then you'll go spend $75 for the shoes. And then we'll all go eat out which will be another $40. Then we'll have to stop at PetSmart to replace Madi's deceased goldfish...which would normally be $5.99...but I can't ever leave that place without spending $50. Then we'll stop at Sam's Club and spend $100 on things we don't really need and we MIGHT even stop at Barnes and Nobles....and since everyone will want a book that'll be another $75. So if YOU go to buy shoes, that'll cost $75. If we all go, it will cost $350!!"

Seemed like perfect reasoning to me. He then told me that I was a difficult person. And I said that I am normally a very laid back and easy going person. And he started LAUGHING. He wasn't even just snickering a little bit either. He was Hee Hawing. Hmmmph!!!!!

1 comment:

Cat Melton said...

Love it...lol So true, too. Go into Walmart to get milk...come out with a cart-full!

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