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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tanganyka Field Trip With Carlie

Today I got to spend the day with Carlie and the 1st graders at a Wildlife park. We had a great time. I've been able to take this trip with each of my girls when they were in first grade. (Frank didn't go to 1st grade at this school.)

Above is a Lorikeet. It's about three times bigger than a parakeet. You get to walk into their enclosure where they flying around freely. The keeper told us that sometimes they land on your arms and hands and they also will bite. I've had a bird about that size before, so I knew a bite might hurt a little but wouldn't bring blood. So we are walking around and this bird is on the side of the cage. He puts his foot out like he wants to step onto my finger. So I stick my finger out, and he leaned over and BIT it instead. I held my fingers over his beak until he let go. And Carlie starts chuckling. She says, "Wow, Mom...that bird baited you, huh???" I about cracked up. I was telling Bob about it, and Libby says "What does baited mean?"

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