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Thursday, May 6, 2010

What's Your Name and How Many Kids Do You Have?

When I was at the school field trip, I'm talking to another Mom who lives in our neighborhood. I was telling her who my four kids were...and she goes "Ohhh...you're Frank and Libby's Mom!!!" She said that when we first moved into our neighborhood for years ago, Frank and Libby rang her doorbell. When she answered the door, they asked her if she had any kids at her house. When she said yes, Libby wrote down their address and then wanted the name and age of each child so she could write them down. The neighbor said she was SO serious about, and asked how to spell each name...then they went on to the next house. LOL. I had NEVER known that. I was so embarrassed when she told me. Libby would have been in 1st grade at the time and Frank in 2nd. The same age that Madi and Carlie are now

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