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Monday, May 3, 2010

Ruined Test Scores

I've posted before that getting the little girls to clean up their room is almost impossible. The other day, I told them at 8pm that they weren't going to bed until their room was clean. I sat down and watched American Idol. I could hear them fighting and playing, but I didn't go check on them until American Idol was over at 9pm.

I went in there and of course nothing had been done. So I stood in the doorway and told them I wasn't leaving, and they weren't going to bed until the room was cleaning. Crocadile tears started flowing. Madi said "I JUST want to go to BED. You're keeping me up late and I'm not going to get a good nights sleep. I have state assessment tests in the morning and you're going to make the WHOLE SCHOOL have a bad grade!!!!"

Carlie kept asking what time it was...I told her it didn't matter...keep going. She finally whined "It must be 6:30am already....you've made us work ALL NIIGGGGGHHHHT!!!" (It was really 9:45pm) LOL.

It took them until 10pm to get it done, and they've been alot better about keeping it picked up since then.

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