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Monday, May 10, 2010

Riverfest - Year 4

We all did the 2 mile this year, even Carlie. She started off saying she was just going to walk. So Bob said he'd walk with her. Frank and Libby ran on their own. And Madi and I ran together. Carlie asked Bob if she'd still get a medal if she only walked. And he told her yes, but she'd get a bigger one if she ran (which wasn't true). She said "In that case...." and took off like a shot darting through the crowds. Bob couldn't catch her. Madi and I are jogging along and suddenly Carlie whizzes past us!!! She ran the first mile in about 15 minutes. Then she was done, and she laid down on the street. Bob had to talk her into getting up and walking the rest of the way. It took them about 24 minutes to finish the second mile.

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