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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fire Fighter....aka Things That Can Only Happen to ME

Had a great day Saturday with my parents and family. Sunday I went to church. After Church I open up the windows because it was nice outside. I was helping Bob do football laundry because he was behind and he was away at practice. Suddenly a fire truck comes flying down our road.

We don't ever see that because there's a highway a mile away they normally use. They turned at our intersection, and then went down two houses to our good neighbors, friends and preacher's house...the Lauxmans!!!

I immediately call Sarah and ask "What's going on at your house, a fire truck just pulled in???" And she goes "What do you MEAN. I'M NOT HOME!!!" Go see what's going on. Well I pulled in right behind their 18 year old son.

The neighbor between us had been burning trash and it had gotten away from him. We got their water house out and wetted down what we could. The fire got within 30 ft of their house!!! And burned up most of their pasture.

So I'm standing there with the hose watering down a hot spot, and the neighbor who started the fire comes by on his golf cart. He's in his late 70s, doesn't have a shirt on, and has a huge black smudge under his nose across his upper lip. He goes "Oh, hey. See you're fighting the fire. That's great. By the way, this is my wife, I don't think you've met her."

I'm standing there putting out a fire he started that burned up my friend's pasture and he's introducing me to his WIFE!!!!"

Luckily the house was saved and they got it contained pretty quickly. The fire fighters did a wonderful job.

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