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Sunday, October 9, 2011

I Kissed A Dog....

....and I liked it. Well during basketball season we had a little incident with Carlie kissing a boy behind the bleachers. My kids have been raised at ballgames. They are "Bleacher Rats".

Well during the last away game, I found out that Carlie had kissed....not one....but TWO little boys behind the bleachers! And maybe what's worse is that Frank video tapped the kissing on his phone instead of stopping her!

Now I am going to pause the story to give you a little background. When we were little kids my Mom used to try to scare us into minding by telling us these horrible things would happen to us if we didn't mind.

So that Sunday we went to Granny's house. And I said "Granny, what do you think about a little girl who not only kissed one boy behind the bleachers, but kissed TWO of them?"

The look on Carlie's face was PRICELESS. Where is my camera when I need it. Her eyebrows went up, her eyes got big, she pursed her lips. Clearly she had not thought about that possibility!!! You could practically see the wheels turning. I let it go for several days before I told her that you can't get pregnant from just kissing.

So several more days go by, and Granny finds the picture above on the internet. She posted it on her Facebook page and tagged Carlie. I thought it was a cute picture. Dummy me, I didn't put two and two together.

The next time Granny came to visit, she asked Carlie "What did you think of that cat picture I posted on your page?" And Carlie said "I didn't like it!" And Granny asked "Why not?" And Carlie said "Well I just didn't really appreciate that you posted that on my page. I'm not going to kiss any more boys!"

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