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Saturday, October 8, 2011

What IS IT about Buses this Year!!!!

Frank and Libby both had games at Wellington this week. I wasn't able to go because they were too far away. Bob couldn't go because it was steak night with the high school boys.

So Libby rides the bus to the Benton Middle School like she's supposed to. She calls when she's almost there, and I send Marcus to pick her up. While Marcus is on his way, Frank calls to say he's ready to be picked up. So I call Marcus and tell him to wait on Frank he's almost there.

Frank calls back and askes where Bob is. He says Marcus is there in my truck. Frank says he can't find it. So Frank hands the phone to his coach. Bob tells the coach that Marcus is on his way.

What we didn't know....was that Frank was still in WELLINGTON. And when Bob told the Coach that Marcus was on his way....the bus took off and left.

Bob called the coach back who says they left Frank at Wellington. So the bus had to turn around to go BACK to Wellington to pick Frank up. Bob calls the Coach back to make sure they found Frank, and the coach's phone is off. So we aren't sure they found him or not. So finally the coach calls us back and says they have Frank on the bus now. Ugh!!!

Then Bob had to drive back to the middle school to pick Frank up.

We are having bus problems this year!!!

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