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Saturday, December 24, 2011


I knew the Holidays would be a little different this year.  But it all turned out great. 

I let the kids have their cell phones a day early.  We hid them in the house and they started ringing and the kids were searching for them.  They are very locked down, they can only make and receive calls from people on their contact list, only have so many minutes a month, etc.  And they can only make calls from 8am to 9PM.  Every morning at 8:01am, Carlie calls Granny. LOL.

We started off with Christmas at my parent's house.  I had asked for outside gear.  Granny and Papaw got me a Carhart Jacket, Libby got me muck boots and Carlie got me a cool hat with a nose cover.  They all came in handy when I had to go fix the donkey pen one evening when it was 18 degrees.

Bob got some wireless head phones from my parents.  Which is great because he can listen to the computer or TV as loud as he wants to and I can't hear it.  But the down side is that he sings along to whatever he's listening too.  Where is the duct tape when you need it!

Then we went to Wetumka and had Christmas with the Osborn family.  Almost everybody was there, and it was great to see and hold all the new babies. The kids had fun playing with their new cousins.

Then we finished on Christmas Day with the Pools.  We didn't have alot of money to spend there, but just having Memaw there in the house with us, and Amira's first Christmas was a true blessing.

Memaw really enjoyed Christmas this year. She liked all her gifts, and she said "beautiful" everytime she opened one up. We she opened her last present, which was a coat she said it was "too much". Too many presents for her.  She started started crying big tears of happiness.

Last night we were in OK, and Carrie had gone to Walmart. Pepaw came into the living room, and Memaw was leaning way over in her chair going through presents. She couldn't wait to start Christmas this morning.

Frank got a shaving kit this morning, and Dad showed him how to shave. Wonderful memories.

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