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Monday, April 20, 2009

Hamsters to the Exponential Power

So I posted a couple of days ago about buying Madi another GusGus. She was so happy to have two hamsters again. And she named the new one GusGus II. I figured we'd forget about about II after a while.

The NEXT MORNING, I'm in the shower and I hear screaming in my bedroom. The cat runs through my bathroom and into my walk-in closet. And then comes Libby, and then Madi and then Carlie in hot pursuit. I stick my head out of the shower and ask "What's going on?!?!?"

Hunter is in my closet and he has dropped the hamster on the floor. I tell Libby to shut the door to the closet and I will look for the hamster in there after I get my clothes on. But before she can get the cat OUT of the closet and shut the door, the hamster goes streaking across the tile bathroom floor. So I bound out of the shower (yes, naked of course) and of course, I do not have my contacts in, so once again I cannot SEE. Water is streaming off my hair. The tile floor is now wet and slick, and I'm scrambling around (yes, naked) trying to catch the dang hamster.

I'm finally able to corner it. It is normally a ligh gray and white color. But it is so wet from the cat's mouth and the wet floor that now it is dark gray. And I'm just a bit hesitant to grab it...it does look an awful lot like a mouse. But I suck it up and grab. And it IS a hamster. I look him over, and he has no obvious injuries, but he does look a bit glassy eyed. I had the girls bring the hamster cage to me and put him inside.

I went to go check on him an hour later before I left for work. He was all dried out, and I couldn't tell him apart from the other two hamsters, so now we have THREE hamsters.

Madi decided to change his name from GusGus I to Lucky. LOL. Will I EVER learn? Probably not.

The critter is definitely Lucky. If the cat had caught him an hour later, the house would have been empty. The cat just happened to run by Libby who happened to be in my bedroom and she happened to notice that the cat had the back-end of a hamster sticking out of his mouth. He's escaped the jaws of death twice!11

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