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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

You'd Think I'd Learn About Hamsters!!!

Madi LOVES animals. She wanted a rabbit for her birthday. I talked her into getting two more hamsters instead. She named them Tiny and GusGus. They are drawf hamsters and about 3 inches long. They are so cute.

But we'd only had them two days when a catastrophy happened. I woke up to a crash at 3am, and knew immediately what had happened. Our cat Hunter had knocked the cage off into the floor. The plastic cage had popped apart and the hamsters were FREEEEEEEE!!!!

Now keep in mind that I am LEGALLY BLIND without my contacts in. I rush in there and by the time I get there, Hunter has a hamster halfway in his mouth. The hamster's head is sticking out and it is going "Eeeeeek. Eeeeeek. EEEEEEEEK." I grad the cat by the scruff of the neck and shake him until he lets go of the hamster. It runs under the bed. Madi is on top of her bunkbed shrieking hysterically. Did I say that it was 3 AM.

I get ready to crawl under the bed and Madi yells "There goes one in the closet!!!"

I'm not sure if it is a supreme act of athletism on my part (blind just out of a deep sleep) or sheer luck. But I pounce on the hamster and manage to catch it.

We looked for GusGus for an hour. I finally told Madi that I HAD to go to sleep.

Today after work, I got her another Gusgus. It wasn't her fault the dumb old cat knocked the cage over.

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