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Thursday, September 17, 2009

It Once Was Lost, But Now It's Found!!!

Carlie just walks to the beat of her own drummer. I let her pack a small bag of toys to take to the football game. I look over at her during the game and she has one of those socks that has places for your toes on her ARM. LOL.

Sunday she had a little boy and girl playin with her in her room. Well Monday during the day I noticed that I didn't have my wedding ring on. When I got up Tuesday morning I specifically looked for it, and it was GONE. I always put it in the same place each night.

I asked the kids about it and Carlie says "Oh, yeah. I had it. Jared and I wanted to get married and Jenna was gonna marry us, so we needed a ring. So I just went and got yours." Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

We looked for it that morning, but didn't have much time before school. Tuesday after work we fed 15 football players, and I didn't have a chance to look for it. Wedneday, Granny came down and cleaned the girls' room inside out looking for....and didn't find it.

Wednesday after work I went and talked to the little boy. He said they were playing with it, but it didn't leave Carlie's room. So then I go talk to the little girl. She too said they were playing with it, but didn't know where it was. About 10 minutes later, her Mom knocked on the door. They'd found it in her room. Whew!!!!

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