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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sisters are Always Sisters

Here are some stories about me and my sister when we were little

My little sister is nearly four years younger than I. When we were little we played and fought like any sisters. I was the tom-boy, and my sister was prissy.

Jelly Shoes

When we were in grade school, the *Jelly* shoes were in style. They were made out of plastic, and made your feet sweat really badly. And they had cuts outs and designs on the plastic that imprinted on the top of your feet.

Well, it was a typical summer day, and I was fighting with JoLynn. She kept pestering me, and I told her to leave me alone several times. Well finally I lost my temper and got her on the floor and straddled her. The closest thing at hand was a Jelly shoe lying in the floor. So I grabbed it and slapped her with it, leaving a impression of a Jelly shoe on her cheek. Boy I got in trouble for that one.

Frying pans

We didn't have a dishwasher when we first moved into the house at 2221 N Bonita in Shawnee, OK. So we would do dishes in the sink after dinner. My Mom had a heavy cast iron skillet she liked to use to cook fried potatos. One night I was washing dishes, I was just tall enough to reach the sink easily. JoLynn was sitting on the cabinet drying dishes. The last item in the sink was the cast iron skillet. It was very heavy, and I was swinging it from the sink over to the stove to dry it. At that moment, JoLynn hopped off the cabinet, and the swinging cast iron skillet caught her right on the eyebrow, laying it open. Then JoLynn told everyone I was so mean I'd hit her with a cast iron skillet!!!

The Bathroom

When we lived in the house on Bonita, not only did JoLynn and I share a room, we also shared a full size bed. The house had one bathroom, and you had to go all the way across the house and through Mom and Dad's bedroom to get to it. This was a scary trip for little girls, so if one of us had to go we woke up the other to go with us. Poor Dad hardly ever got any bathroom time with one bathroom and three women in the house.

Spiders in the bed

Sharing a bed and bedroom was interesting, one time I had had a bad dream, and I thought there was a spider in the bed. JoLynn was sleep peacefully. So I went to Mom and Dad's bedroom and told Mom there was a spider in my bed. She came back to my room with me, and we were pulling bad the covers making sure there was no spider. JoLynn slept on undisturbed. Then suddenly she sat up in bed, slapped her hand down on the sheet. She said *I got it*, laid back down and went right back to sleep.

Sleep walking and talking

I was notorious for sleep walking and talking. My family told me that I would wake them up at night and have intelligent conversations with them which I never remembered. My Mom would find me walking around the house talking in my sleep. And one time she found me trying to get out the front door. Sometimes when I talked in my sleep it was nonsense words, with only a word or two that was recognizable. One time I woke JoLynn up in the middle of the night insisting that it was morning and time to go to school. I kept pushing her out of the bed, insisting that she get up. And it was 3AM in the morning! I didn't remember a thing.

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