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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rebel in the Wrong Century

I got an email from school yesterday. Frank had been having SUCH a good year. But apparently he took his DS to school with him yesterday. Then he took it to the bathroom with him and stayed in there alot longer than he should have. He had a sub...so I guess he thought he could pull one over on her. When they finally got him out of the bathroom the sub asked what he had in his pocket and he lied and said he didn't have anything in his pocket. They finally got it and took it away from him.

Then after he went back to class his teacher told him to get ready for a spelling test and he told her "FU".

I like to read romance novels set in the past. And they are full of swashbuckling men who get what they want and don't take any crap off of any one. Right now I'm reading about an Irish Chieftan.

I got to thinking that Frank was just born in the wrong century. If he were a 30 year old Irish Chieftan, his FU attitude would get him women and hero worship.

Unfortunately for us, it's just not appropriate for an 11 year old in a modern classroom. Sigh.

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