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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Revenge on a Birddog

My grandma's name is Obie. And my grandpa's name is Cassol (Cass for short) and he always had bird dogs and coon dogs around the house.

One old dog just ate constantly. If food was thrown out the backdoor, that dog would catch it and eat it before it hit the ground.

Grandma Obie decided one day to teach that old dog a lesson. She took some biscuit dough and wrapped it around the lid of a mason jar. Then she threw it out the back door.

Sure enough, the dog tried to catch it in midair before it hit the ground. But the jar lid was firmly wedged in his mouth!!!! The dog tried to get it out and so did Grandma Obie, but it wouldn't budge.

When Grandpa Cass came home, he was so mad at what his wife had done to his dog!!! He did managed to get the lid out of the dogs mouth, and the dog was fine.

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