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Thursday, October 1, 2009

You Just Don't Use Coloring Much In Life

Carlie had just always marched to the beat of her own drummer. Pictured below she's at a football game with those socks that have places for each toe on her hands. LOL. It was about 90 degrees outside.

We've still been going 'round and 'round with Carlie and first grade. She's still getting in trouble alot, and I am having her tested independently so we can figure out what's going on. I told the lady doing the testing that Bob and I both and ADD/ADHD traits so Carlie might have a tendency towards that. So she sent two forms for each of Carlie's teachers to fill out and send back. There were questions where the teachers were supposed to rate her. Instead of just putting the rating on there, they wrote all over the form. And it wasn't pretty. I was so upset.

They wrote that she was telling the other kids "I'm SO much smarter than you are!!!" That when given assignment she was rolling her eyes and saying things like "This is SO easy." They said she was manipulative with adults and kids. They said if another student got a question right that she sulking and glowered at them until they felt uncomfortable. I don't know WHERE she got any of these traits from....no idea.

They were also concerned about her fine motor skills. So Bob and I sat down and talked to her that night. I asked her "If someone came up to you and said I am SO much prettier than YOU are...would you like that??" and she said "No".

Another comment was that she was rushing through her work and then immediately demanding more to do. Bob told her he wanted her to take her time and write her name. (She's a lefty.) So she wrote her name perfectly. Then he got one of her school papers out that was NOT written perfectly. He asked her why she didn't write her name neatly all the time and she mumbled "Well it's good enough that they can READ it." So then he asked her if she could color neatly...and she said she could. So he got out one of her school papers that had been scribbled on. He asked her WHY she didn't take her time and color her best. She stared down at the ground and thought about it a minute then she said "Well Dad, there's just not much coloring in life!!!" Oh My.

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