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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy Pills

I get anxiety around noises and crowds, so when we were getting ready to go to Thankgsiving at my Mom and Dad's house, I had packed an anxiety med to take with me. We'd carefully gotten all the kids packed, made sure Madi had pull ups, made sure we had Frank's meds, made sure we had the food we were planning on bringing. We made sure that we had the two dogs and cat loaded up too. We got to Mom and Dad's house and discovered that we'd left Bob and I's full packed bag on the bed. I grumbled jokingly "well, that's a bad thing 'cause my happy pill was in that bag!!!"

Later on the next day the house was noisy and the kids were screaming. Carlie was belting out a Hannah Montana song. I go "Carlie, would you quit singing so I can hear what your Granny is telling me?" She looks at me and says "Well, I know you forgot to take YOUR happy pill today. But I remembered to take mine and it makes me feel like singing!!!" :-P~~~~~~~~

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