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Friday, April 25, 2008

Good Hygiene is Important

One of my indulgences is taking long whirlpool bathes in our giant garden tub. The little girls frequently like to join me.

Lst night I had settled in with a book and was hoping for some alone time. But the girls discovered me and begged to join me. I couldn't resist, so they climbed into the tub with me. It took about two minutes before they were squealing, splashing and sloshing. So much for my quiet time or reading my book!!!

They decided that I needed some TLC, so they were soaping up my back, arms and legs and then washing it off. They were having a grand old time. And Carlie told me "Mommy. I'm going to make sure you have some goooood Hygiene!!"

Bet I was the cleanest Mom in town last night. LOL.

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