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Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Two Boys are Feeling Sorry For Themselves

It's hard to watch....but they are the only ones who can fix the situations.

JB still has no money....no job and no prospects. This weekend JB had explained to me that I was not his “REAL” family and hence would never come “FIRST” to him when I had asked him to attend some family events this weekend which he blew off.

I paid JB $10 for an hour’s worth of work on laying our brick patio two nights ago…mostly because I wanted to talk to him about a few things. I mentioned while we were going to get the sand and supplies that I hadn’t seen him chewing in a while. And in a pitiful voice he said he wasn’t chewing because he had no money to buy chew. So at 9 o’clock he came up stairs and asked me to go and take the money I’d just given him and buy him some chew. I told him that I was tired and it was 9 o’clock and I wasn’t going. He asked me again and said please, but I told him I wasn’t going. I asked him why he didn’t go…and he said he didn’t have enough gasoline to go to the store.

So he was pouting when I went to tell him good night that night. Poor baby. No one loves him, I guess.

And he’s been hateful with us and with the Nanny over getting him up in the mornings. Well no one woke him up this morning, and he didn’t set his alarm. So he was late to school yesterday. So that’s an unexcused absence. Since we aren’t his “REAL” family….no one saw the need to get him up this morning. Hmmmmmm. He was sent to ISS the rest of this week for skipping classes.

He asked me again to go get chew for him last night...I was going to the store anyway, and told him to give me his money and I'd pick it up for him. He'd already put the $10 in his gas tank, so still no chew for JB.

He's moping around. According to him his life sucks.

We are still at war with Frank over the homework. He refused to do his math in school....so therefore had alot of it to bring home. Refused to do it for the Nanny before I got home. So he sat at the table from 5:30 - 10:30pm last night NOT doing his homework. And he's feeling sorry for himself too. No one loves him either....because if we did we'd not make him do all this work.

Guess I am a mean Mom.

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5150 said...

youre the meanest mom ever ; )

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