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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

The lengths to which my son is going to avoid doing school work are incredible.

Frank is a bright boy. He makes all As and Bs without having to work too hard at it. He's well liked at school. So I'm not sure how this all became such a big issue.

It started off with him telling us that he did not have any homework. We'd take his word for it. Then we'd get an email from his teacher that he was way behind in class and not handing in any work. So the teacher and I decided several months ago that she'd send an assignment sheet home with him every day that listed the assignments he'd completed.

The next problem we started having was that the assignment sheet wasn't coming home. Or he'd show us the assignment sheet and tell us he'd already done all of the work at school. He stopped doing any work in school at all. The teachers could not get him to do anything. So the amount of work was piling up.

So then the teachers and I decided that she would email us the assignments every day. But once again, Frank would tell us he'd already completed the work at school, and then he'd tell the teachers he'd left the completed work at home. Then he suddenly began "forgetting" to bring the appropriate papers and books home. Sigh.

So finally the teachers told me they would make sure that when he left school that he had everything he needed to complete his homework with him. And I agreed that I would send the completed papers to school with Libby to ensure that they received them.

So Frank came home from school on Friday. I'd already gotten an email from his teacher saying he had four math worksheets to complete. I asked him if he had any homework. He looked me right in the eye and said he'd already completed it turned it in at school. I told him that I wanted to see his backpack and notebook. He brought them upstairs, but there were no worksheets there. SO, I went downstairs to his room and started digging through all the crud on his floor. I told him that if I found the papers before he did that I was going to BEAT him. So he slinks over to his bed and digs out the uncompleted papers from under his bed.

He bawled for an hour while he worked on them. I had Libby take them back to school, and so we FINALLY got a set of homework completed successfully and handed in.
The next angle that he tries is being "sick". He begins telling the teachers that he's thrown up in the bathroom, but he flushed it before they got a chance to see. So the counselor and I told him that the only way he was going home from school was if he was running a fever or if someone SAW throw up come out of his mouth. So for a couple of days he laid on the couch in the nurses office. He finally gave up one afternoon and went back to class.
So I think we've finally got him cornered. He's going to HAVE to do his work, there's no way around it. Well I get a call yesterday that Frank had asked to leave class to go to the bathroom. The teacher became concerned when he did not return. They found him in the boys bathroom with his feet up on a toilet so that no one could look under the stalls and see that he was in there. So he was sent to the office again!!
Edited to add: Well he DiD manage to take it to another level today. His teacher had been initialling papers to indicate that he'd completed them. Today, Frank attempted to fake her signature. So now it is 10:10pm, and he's still working on the day's homework that he lied about.

Why couldn't he put all that effort and ingenuity towards something useful!!!! Like finding a cure for cancer or something!!!

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