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Monday, December 15, 2008

Hitting Below The Belt

We've always been very open and candid in our house about the adoption of three of the four kids. The older two see their Birth Family several times a year. Madi's adoption is closed, but she knows the names of her Birth Parents. Carlie gets it that she's not adopted and that we ARE her Birth Mom and Dad. JB's birth grandparents come and visit and are around. They still drop by and call even after he's moved out. I thought we were doing pretty well for such a complex family with such a Crazy Extended Family.

But last night Carlie dropped a bomb on me. The two little girls share a room and have bunk beds. After they went to bed last night, Madi did something to make Carlie mad. Carlie screamed at her “I wish you’d just go back and live with your BIRTH MOTHER.” My jaw about hit the ground.

So she got a swat on the butt, and I shamed her for saying such an ugly thing. They are so close they might as well be twins. And normally they are as emotionally close as twins. I made her hug Madi and tell her that she was sorry. Boy they know how to hit below the belt even when they are little.

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