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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Lazy Tooth Fairy

When our older two kids lost their teeth, we made such a big deal about. And the tooth fairy always came and left them money.

The older we get the worse and worse the tooth fairy is getting!!! The last tooth Madi (our third child) lost, the "Tooth Fairy" hunted under pillow but couldn't find the tooth. So the Tooth Fairy just left the money. Madi was so upset that she didn't take the tooth with her!!!

She lost another tooth this week. She made a note and put it in an envelope this time...with the tooth in it. Should be easy to find....right?!?!?!? Well the tooth fairy forgot completely this time.

When Bob got up he put $1.35 in change from the change jar in a baggy and left it on the kitchen cabinet. The note and tooth were still under her pillow. Madi looked at it with kind of a funny look on her face, but took it in stride. I guess the Tooth Fairy it too lazy now for pillow side service. LOL.

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