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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Chocolate Thief

II sat all four of my little kids down and explained to them about JB getting in trouble with the law. I told them exactly what he did, his arrest and about him spending three days in jail. I told them several times that he thought he could break the law and wouldn't get caught, but he did. And there's not anything that I can do to help him now, he has to face his consequences. I thought maybe that might sink in with them.

Well Saturday, Bob went to the grocery store. He brought me back a small box of individually wrapped Dove Chocolates as a treat.

All that afternoon, Libby asked me "Mom, do you want one of those Doves yet?" Only she was pronouncing it like it rhymes with Stove. She kept asking and asking. My mom radar was picking up something, but I never did put two and two together.

She must have been watching, because as SOON as I opened the box Saturday evening and left the room, she swiped one and took it downstairs. It just so happened that Bob heard her behind the couch crinkling the foil wrapper as she unwrapped it and asked what she was doing.

So not only did she swipe one....she had it planned out. Had she asked, I probably would have given her one. I called her on the carpet and chewed her out. I reminded her about what happened to JB when he thought he could break the law and get away with it. She had to stay in her room all day Sunday, coming out only for bathroom breaks and to eat.

Sometimes I wonder if it's ever going to sink in. Sigh.

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